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11/17/2017 - Gotta go - on my way to Texas -so here's a quick update and list of stuff I intended to do. Be back on the 25th of April. See you then.

Today to do

Get out of here in five minutes.

Meet Koshin Ogui, Bishop of Jodo Shinshu for North America and take him to visit with Ananda. See Zen Aluminati, Who We're Thinking Of. Talk to Ogui about translating his multi part series on Shunryu Suzuki he did for the Hokubei Mainichi in Japanese after Suzuki died. I have a crude translation and he's agreed to work on a good one with me.

Read to Ananda.

Tomorrow - fly to Texas to help my wonderful 90 year old spry young mom go through her 74 year old boyfriend's stuff , get it in storage, close his apartment. He's living with her and not doing so well.

To do list for

Write up an update for the Aluminati section - Della's doing fine and would love visitors, Ananda is back from  abscess surgery and would like for people he knows to visit and maybe read Buddhist stuff to him.

Must start a fundraising drive for Ananda who's running out of money. Talk to his wife Vera to get the lowdown. What can we do? What will happen to this patriarch of American Buddhism and SFZC when his Medicare and private funds run out. Maybe Vera will have to divorce him so she doesn't have to deplete all of her own funds before government money will kick in.

Praise the book The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill by Mark Bitner - terrific,  charming, fascinating, with Zen Mind Beginner's Mind coming in now and then. Next must see the movie by Judy Irving whom I remember from anti-nuke Dark Circle days.

Rob Weinstein's memories of Suzuki, Kobun, etc.

Start a Brief Memories of Suzuki, early ZC, etc. section - 1st one J. Williamson

Update info on Suzuki lineage teachers and groups. Put Steve Stucky's website link on and info on Ed Brown, have photos of teachers and places and make it presentable.

Add new hints to contest3.

New Suzuki lecture.

Work on John Palmer interview, get Don Deangelo's (Donnie Crockin), find other interviews that just need a quick edit to go on site.

Do fundraising or get cardboard box and go live in an alley and wander the streets hollow-eyed.

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