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OUR MOTTO: Remembering friends, visiting the old, the sick, those in need and in time of trouble - even when we don't feel like it - at least now and then.

Whom are we thinking of now- actually, whom were we thinking of then when this section started. New entries now put in Aluminati Updates

If you know any of these folks, think about looking them up. If you don't, why not write them a letter?

Read more about these folks in the Aluminati Updates.

9-07-14 - Visionary Artist Rowena needs our help

One of Suzuki Roshi's early students, Rowena (Leary) Pattee Kryder  is in poor health and reaching out for assistance, both financial and help in finding an assisted living facility:


There are of course people to be thought of and visited and we've been doing that, just haven't posted more here. - DC

3-4-5 - Ananda died February 18th at the Coming Home Hospice in San Francisco. See Ananda updates.  See Ananda Page

Ananda Claude Dalenberg link page

Ananda, Claude Dalenberg (photo by Diane Dalenberg) had some strokes in the fall of 2004. He moved just before this posting from the Davies Hospital to a nursing home not far from Page Street. It's the Central Garden Convalescent Hospital at 1355 Ellis St., San Francisco, CA 94102. The cross street is Laguna. 415-752-5400. Last I saw him he couldn't answer the phone or talk but I'd call to make sure he's there. Sometimes he's in a hospital. He would nod in response to questions and whispered one word in an hour and a half (I was telling his wife, Vera (415-752-5400), about The Light of Asia, a phenomenally successful book on Buddha's life published back in the early twentieth century and I said it was written by somebody Arnold and as I searched in my memory for his first name Ananda whispered something. I got close to him and barely heard, "Edwin." 4-12-05 - Ananda likes to have visitors and likes to be read to but by those he knows. Read more on Ananda in the Aluminati Updates, especially the one of 050805 which has a photo of him in the convalescent hospital.
See interview with Ananda.

Della Goertz is at Piner's Guest Home, 1800 Pueblo Ave, Napa, CA 94588. Phone - 707-255-3461 - they'll connect you to her. Della's mainly in bed but she can answer the phone and get up on her own. She's as sweet as ever and loves visitors. She's got an apartment in the nursing home. Della has relatives in Napa who visit her more than we Zennies did. Still she'd like to go back but that's not at all likely. She told me that we were friends and that "friend" ends with "end" because friends stay with each other till the end.

Della Goertz link page

Ananda Claude Dalenberg, Della Goertze, and Betty Warren. Click on thumbnail to enlarge.


Betty Warren died on 7-30-06 Her entry here read as follows:

Betty Warren link page

Betty is at the Redwoods, 40 Camino Alto, Mill Valley, CA 94941. Phone - 415-383-8037. Betty has two mediation classes in this large and quite nice assisted living retirement home across from Tam Hi. She helped to organize the folks there to protest the invasion of Iraq and for two years now there's been a crowd of them with placards and spunk out on the busy corner every Friday afternoon for an hour or two. Betty walks with a walker but is in good shape and fine spirit. She's got her own apartment. See interview with Betty Betty Warren Main Page

Jack Van Allen lives at home with his wife, Ellen, at 1052 Bush Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404. 707-528-0357. Jack no longer makes belt buckles for the Grateful Dead or Buddha statues and Jizos, but he's active with his computer and phone. He is confined to his wheelchair with MS but is full of life and opinions. He's currently looking over the interview with him and he'd better be quick.


Iva Jones has melanoma and is [was] need of financial assistance. [link removed - she's fine now]

Michael Wynne is on his deathbed. Those already with him wish for no other visitors. [He died on that day]

Del Carlson is in Florida. If you read the Aluminati Statement you'll see his pivotal role in the creation of the Zen Aluminati.

Chuck Gould broke his leg and was on here but he's all well now.

10-12-07 - Photo of Mark Petchey standing. Taking this opportunity to move all material on Mark to a page in the Aluminati section.

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