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Dchad Misc

1-05-08 - Storm blew out online connection this day poem

infinitely complex crayon colored images

the history of the universe

of mega and quantum of us of all

flowing as a holographic rainbow reflection

on the eternal deep shinning river

breaking up with a bright falls into confetti

like tiny squares of party paper

spilling, disappearing

their never was into silver light pool

bottomless shoreless

and that dream filament

whole immediate

godless and wondrous

always liked the atheists at school

over those who stuck to stories of giants

the literalists so inane

but the pleasing nay-sayers

were just rejecting the ridiculous

whereas the stories, the words

pointed to far more

immanently close, subtle, profound, wonderful such

beyond affirmation or denial

so preferred the clear science of mind

of Buddha, Advaita and that forth

but like the honored world one is said to have said,

it's all just glittering leaves on the tree of teaching

enticing us to leave restlessness

reducing Arhats and holy rollers

equally dissolving into

whirlpooling of becoming

waterfall pours from this face

DC - 1-05-08

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