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1/05/2005 - I've wiped the slate clean here (erased all the old stuff under this section) and am thinking. I want to give a new look and there's so much I want to do like put on more interviews that are already done and conduct new ones before it's too late, do notes on Crooked Cucumber, more work on Suzuki's lectures, and lots lots more. Tons I want to do. I could really use an assistant for a while to get all this in order. Problem is, I'm totally broke now and have borrowed money just to keep the site up. So, I've got to come up with money. I see two ways to do that. First, write another book. Second, do some fundraising. The expenses for the research, interviews, website, travel, translation, etc. that have gone into this work over the last ten years have been paid for 90% by yours truly. Donations have made up the other 10%. I have kept working, indeed, am working on editing a few interviews right now, but I've been remiss in doing things that make money like getting an advance for a book and fundraising. Now I must put some real energy into keeping this ship afloat. More to come.

Take care. - DC

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