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Miscellaneous but not extraneous

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Calligraphy Pieces
by Michael  Wenger

The Inklings of Michael Wenger

Michael Wenger is a veteran student and teacher of the SFZC. I remember him since back in '72. He was ZC VP and then Prez for a long time - up until a couple of years ago or so. Without his skillful stewardship the Shunryu Suzuki lecture tapes and transcripts would not have been preserved and archived as they now are. We've worked together on that and on other things going back through the years and he is to be praised for the patience and wisdom he showed in handling those challenging tasks and whatever madness I was into at the time. Our mutual friend and ZC advisor Michael Phillips is always singing Wenger's praises as an administrator and person. Phillips also shares my love of Wenger as an artist. He's done some interesting stuff with the films of Shunryu Suzuki and other ZC related film work as well - I hope to get into this later. And then there's his calligraphy.

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5-26-08 - Four new ones!


6-07-07 - Five more examples of Wenger's calligraphed playfulness



5-26-07 - Take a look at twelve delightful examples (selected by Kazuaki Tanahashi).




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