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4-29-11 - NHNE, Gempo, and Big Mind - from Loring Palmer

Loring Palmer's link page - for more from Loring

NHNE's "Big Mind" Resource Page

As/your request, above is the link to Genpo's Big Mind, video clips followed by text, that includes Ken Wilber's intro to Genpo's book.

Genpo's video teaching is both compelling and elegantly enlightening.  After the second time thru, I felt that I had more "kensho" than I had understood after 40 years of zazen.  As Genpo says, it took him 12 years of frustration to be able to reach this form of simplicity.

I found this during my research on "the fourth turning of the wheel..."  And I'm delighted with the product and shocked that this site is not all over the Internet.  Because it has the power to raise any one's consciousness who mindfully watches/listens to Genpo's simple revelation of Big Mind: it's a transmission, actually.

David, let me run this past you for your take.  There's obviously a shift in consciousness going on.  Not in the sense of more information [horizontal movement] but a raising of awareness to see a much bigger picture [vertical movement].  And this could be the result of a greater sophistication and wisdom that has developed among the spiritual seekers and finders during the last 50 years.  Like, if I heard the Big Mind Teachings back in the '60's, I wouldn't have known what was being talked about.   The teachings that Suzuki and Trungpa were giving could be interpreted on many levels and thus, at my elementary level, they sounded like a good idea but nothing that I could fully relate to.  Now when I read them they all speak to my Big Heart and Mind.  Especially watching the videos of Trungpa or Suzuki teaching is like watching theatre:  Their expressions and gestures:  how sophisticated.  I can see the entire lineage within them, back to Buddha himself.  Transmission!

So now we have the teachings of Big Mind, that combine the wisdom of Buddhism, the insights of modern psychology, and the brilliance of integral, culminating in an evolutionary, revolutionary enlightenment.  Thus we're seeing both the evolution of consciousness, thru these recent accretions as well as the evolution of enlightenment itself.  Because it's no longer relevant to simply get off the wheel of suffering, or to save all beings from suffering.  The new mission is to actually liberate the planet---or the entire cosmos, in order to create Heaven on Earth.  And this then would be the "Fourth Turning."  And you can see this in the messages beginning with Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, Teiard [Teilhard?], followed by Trungpa Rinpoche, Jose Arguelles, Ken Wilbur, Andrew Cohen, Genpo, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Eckart Tolle, Candice O'Denver, Thomas Huebl, Jean Houston---and who did I leave out---many others.

So, Bro, is anyone over in India talking about evolutionary enlightenment and the shift in consciousness, and a new turning of the Wheel of Dharma? Or is it the old Advaita Shuffle and Calm Abiding?  What do you see from your vantage point outside of Western culture?

With infinite love and gratitude, Lor

DC note: I really don't have an answer for Lor on this. I'm just dealing with data and daydreams and can't tell the difference between one thing and another.

4-2What would Lady Gaga appear like if she evolved into a spiritual teacher on a magic, enlightened island. Maybe she'd be Candice O'Denver. Click on this link for virtual heaven on earth. Enjoy. Lor

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