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Paul Discoe

Cuke Podcast with Paul 🔊 | Cuke Podcast with Paul Discoe and Mel Weitsman 🔊

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cuke interview with Paul Discoe

9-15-19 - Paul Discoe on the Han


11-23-18 - Artisans Aggregate Paul Discoe's new venture in Oakland CA 

Page for Paul on son Ben's website - with links to more - good photos




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undated 2007


from the Sonoma Mountain Zen Center web site

Paul Discoe's Joinery Structures web site

Zen Architecture - Paul's book.

Paul Discoe talks Zen Architecture. A video of his talk at Book Passage on the 21st of April I believe. He's also going to be at Sonoma.

At Sonoma Mountain Zen Center May 16 Sat. ZEN ARCHITECTURE: The Building Process as Practice. Paul Zengyu Discoe, renowned Japanese Master temple builder, Zen teacher in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki-roshi, and builder of Sonoma Mountain Zen Center's Mandala Project, lectures on his forty years of traditional Japanese woodworking and the architectural process as an embodiment of Zen Practice.  He will also be presenting his newly released book, Zen Architecture. 11-12.  Zendo.

See related: BURNING MAN: Designers eager to try Zen and the art of desert architecture by Zahid Sardar, Chronicle Design Editor, of the SF Chronicle. Saturday, September 2, 2006 - Burning Man cardboard Zendo report on plus link to 2009 brief talk about it.

Notice of a Sept. 11, 2004 talk by Paul in Santa Rosa

Paul gives a talk at Book Passage (maybe in '09)

The Brains Behind Billionaire Homes

By: Oscar RaymundoOctober 4, 2007

Paul Discoe - Master Craftsman, Icon -

Check out Zen Architecture, a book by Shunryu Suzuki disciple, Paul Discoe.

Gib Smith Publisher link

Amazon link.

Paul Discoe, Alexandra Quinn on tour for book 'Zen Architecture: The Building Process as Practice'



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