Robert Halpern

Cuke Podcast with Bob 🔊

Interview with Bob Halpern and some photos

Bob Halpern in Crooked Cucumber

Bob on Kobun Chino and Kyudo

Bob has a couple of contributions in a discussion of how Trungpa's drinking and sex life were presented in Crooked Cucumber

"I remember quite distinctly when you came and Bob Halpern came [first to Tassajara]. He walked in from the coast." - from Interview with Bob Watkins

Bob's mentioned three times on this page of memories of Trungpa

Bob and I interviewed Joshu Sazaki

Bob 1999 email to me - dc about how to write Suzuki's name in Comments section of cuke - and a poem he wrote.

Here Bob comments twice on this page on the pronunciation of Suzuki's first name, Shunryu.

Halpern at the Door - in ZC Stories

Halpern Suzuki comment memory from Zen Is Right Here.

Bob's got a review of Crooked Cucumber on Amazon that's on this page.

I'm working on a book called Tassajara Stories and Bob is all over the place in it. - dc - 5-07-16

Halpern is in a couple of the stories on this page of DC memories of Suzuki.

There's more on cuke but I can't spend all day on this. Just go to the home or What's New page and write "halpern." - dc


Bob Halper, Shunryu Suzuki, Phillip Wilson Tassajara 1967

Bob in a boat likely off the Nova Scotia shore - maybe round 2010

Bob and Trungpa discussing the dharma way back when

That's Bob talking to Chogyam Trungpa in a meeting of the Vajra Guard (I guess - dc)