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Cuke Podcast with Amber 🔊

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Amber Hoadley was the first baby at Tassajara in the Zen era. In this podcast she talks about growing up at Zen Center, mainly Green Gulch, and her parents, Kathy and Silas Hoadley who were a significant presence in Zen Center in those formative days. Amber also talks about her practice path and more. She will be hosting a memorial for Silas on Father's Day, June 16th from 3-7pm, at the Mostly Natives Nursery, 54 B St., Point Reyes Station, California.

Amber and Kathy

1974, Silas and Amber (age 5)

Amber and Kathy, Tassajara Family Practice period, 1979

Amber ( around age 6) and Silas

Silas, Kathy and Amber in San Francisco

Self-portrait by Amber in the Fall 1992 Wind Bell

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