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1-12-11 - Darlene Cohen, Su Rei Ken Po, Great Spirit Manifesting Dharma, died at 1:15 AM this morning.

She was with Tony, Ethan and Matthew. Tony says that one moment she was breathing and the next moment she wasn't. The family had been with her for many hours.

Lisa Hoffman reports that Darlene is dressed in her priest robes with her lavender rakusu on a red cloth on the bed in the main room upstairs at Russian River Zendo and that she looks peaceful, like she is about to smile. She has been washed and bathed with yerba santa tea collected from Tassajara.

Lisa wrote soon after Darlene's death, "We will begin chanting in the Dai Shin Dharani upstairs shortly, and then move down to the Zendo with her for the Taiyo ceremony which will be at 7 AM. All are welcome to be part of the ceremony, which is attached so that people further away can have a feel for what we will be doing.

"We will be sitting with Darlene for the next day and a half at RRZ -- all are welcome, and she will be cremated shortly after that."

Farewell dear friend of forty years, great spirit, great attitude, a real inspiration. - dc.

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