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Sangha News - Darlene Cohen

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1-12-11 - Darlene Cohen died this morning

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Message of 10-22-10

Dear Sanghas, Friends and Family of Darlene,

            Below is an update from Darlene, which shares news that is difficult.  If you want to e-mail Darlene in response, please send it to me at Lisa[at] and I will group them for her so itís easier for her to deal with. Also, please let me know if you want to be added to the update list.  Thank you so much.



Dear Folks,

            I want to update you as to my current condition.  The news is not good.  My doctor at CPMC has given me a few months to live.  This is due to cancer spreading in my liver.  I am, however, still able to swim every day, which seems to clear the jaundice temporarily.  I think I have always believed, even before becoming a practitioner, that death is just a continuation of the life cycle.  I am not sorry to leave this painful body; the difficulty is leaving all of you.  I want you to know that I feel clear and grounded.  I am going on a couple of one-day kayaking trips and canít wait to see the otters and egrets.

Many of you have asked what do I need at this time?  I need to be included in your lives;  I need to hear your news, your suffering and delight; I need to remain close to you.  However, since I am extremely open and vulnerable right now, I need to hear of your tragedies in person or via Skype, so you can help me process them.

Secondly, I very much enjoy your cards. Phone calls and e-mails that require a reply are very difficult for me right now.  I am not currently keeping up with my correspondence.  And finally, local folks have been cooking food, helping with Zendo logistics, and driving me to chemo.  I love to receive gifts of food; I still love food very much.

If you wish to make a donation in Russian River Zendoís name, please make it to Womenís Cancer Resource Center,, or the charity of your choice.  Please to continue to chant for me; I needs your prayers.




Message of 10-22-10

Dear Sanghas, Friends and Family of Darlene,

 Thank you so much for the outpouring of e-mails expressing such incredible love and devotion to Darlene and Tony. Please know that Darlene has also received many, many cards and it all means so much to her. She especially enjoys sitting down with a steaming cup of tea during a quiet part of the day, and opening your cards which enable her to have a moment with each of you. Under the circumstances, Darlene is doing well -- tapping into that unimaginable source of energy, continuing to teach, preparing her students for carrying on her lineage, taking care of family, and feeling carried by the overflow of well-being, love and appreciation that you are sending.

Thank you again so very very much.




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