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Early Tassajara Alumni Web Sites
listing their interview links with them
but if you go to the interview link you'll see a ton more early alum interviews there.

Early Tassajara Alumni list

For Links to the sites and group sites of Early Tassajara Alumni who've become Zen teachers, just go to Dharma groups in or related to Shunryu Suzuki's lineage. There are also some on the other links page. I'll list them all here - but not now. - DC

Three art pieces by Dan Welch

Layna Berman - Your own health and fitness

Carl Bielefeldt, Selected Publications - Stanford Center for Buddhist Studies

Jean-François Blanchette - http// - Dept. of Information Studies, UCLA

Stephan Bodian - Austin Advaita Zen

Jeff Broadbent -

Dwite Brown    Dwite's Interview

Emma Bragdon (Buckley)

Robert Britton -

Clay and Lucy Calhoun Ashland Farm - Lynn Hennelly (Hesselbart) is there too

Harriet Chino's Hawaiian Aloha Paradise Inn

Nonin Chowaney's Order of the Prairie Wind - Omaha Katagiri Zen

Jack Elias's Finding True Magic.     Jack's interview.

Website of Meg Gawler - Artemis Services

Ken Knabb's massive BOPS (Bureau of Public Secrets)  - Interview

kobun-sama - gratefully remembering Kobun Chino

Tom Ninkovich -

Ekai Korematsu Osho is in New Zealand at Jikishoan

Lew Richmond's personal site - music, books [also has Zen group in Mill Valley, CA]


Gail Sher - author


Brother David Steindl-Rast

Initial idea for this page - 7-19-07 - I know a cool thing to do on cuke - have a list of web sites of people associated with this site which is mainly people from back in the Shunryu Suzuki era. I guess that's what Links is for and there's a bunch of stuff there but it's not organized in this way. Now I'm working on this Early Tassajara  Alumni List and so we're asking people for their web sites. So I guess what I'm talking about is adding to the links section a list of links related to early Tassajara alumni. There should also be a list of sites associated with anyone else that has to do with SFZC and another list for other Zen and other Buddhist sites and also other suggested sites that aren't Buddhist - I mean, who cares? I also need a list of sites I've linked to just cause someone asked but there was really no reason at all to do so other than that I didn't want to say no and the more links the better - that's a sort of long title for that list - have to abbreviate it. Okay, so I'll start the Early Tassajara Alumni Web Sites Link with Jack Elias's Finding True Magic.  Ilene Oba whom I'm working with sent it to me to check out. It's already on cuke, but let's revisit it. And check out Jack's interview.

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