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Poems by Beverly (Horowtiz) Armstrong

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Face of My Teacher

I am putting away everything

but the face of my teacher who

is perhaps not your teacher but you

may do the same. I am praying

for peace with my whole

heart. The window across

from my breathing is showing

a field and a red car that merely

drives through. His hands set

in stained glass gassho on a card

leans against the window given

by my dead friend years ago

who lives in me still. As I write this

I am breathing in the terrible

karma that makes men mad

and breathing out my field its

ordinary rhythms of life and death

the way it lays content asking

for nothing more than what arrives

and suffers the pickaxe crows

without complaint. Paris is burning

where i stood long ago with toothache

pain in front of the Mona Lisa.

I am tired of angry men who behave

like vindictive boys. May their hate merely 

manure the ground. May the face of my

teacher find them and also love.