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Statement of purpose - A lot of stuff in bibliography could be moved here or maybe vice versa. Cuke sections and departments often just appear overnight like the many headed Hydra and make no more sense than a Calcutta bureaucratic maze. Lots of writing by others on cuke not here. - dc

5-28-16 - Poems by Katharine Cook added to her cuke page with much other.

forget date - Leland Smithson in ZC Stories

8-31-14 - Gary Snyder reading Riprap - thanks Brit Pyland

5-14-14 - Meditations from the Slow Lane

Personal writings from a life explored through Buddha Dharma and poetry.

by Jerry Bolick


Much Jerry Bolick on cuke - try the site search box on Home or What's New pages.

2-20-14 - Six Poems by Bijan Jalali sent by Gary Gach

Gary Gach has a cool site

9-08-13 - A poem by Katherine Cook: My Lover is Tall and Handsome [poem removed by KC]

11-17-12 - Genine Lentine has a new book: Poses: An Essay Drawn from the Model

Genine's site

10-08-12 - Six Poems by Beverly Morris Armstrong (Horowitz)

4-09-12 - "We are Rebels" - Interview with Brian Unger, editor and publisher of ZEN MONSTER

3-10-12 - Beverly Morris Armstrong (Horowitz) poetry


See cool Zen Monster release card




Zen Monster dot com

9-26-11 - The Scorpion by Chris Boys

7-31-11 - The Tooth by Chris Boys

6-08-11 - The Vision in Prison by Chris Boys

7-19-11 - Genine Lentine - mattress talks

4-22-11 - A Love Letter by Nanao Sakaki. Joan Amaral sent this on July 22, 2009.

3-21-11 - Three Mid East Tales by Tom Harriman - Tom sent me these short accounts not long ago and he gave me permission to share them here. He's a lawyer, travel consultant, and cousin of Fred Harriman who helped me so much with translation and advice on things Japanese in doing Crooked Cucumber and since. - dc

4-05-11 - CHAMA WITCHES, the blog of poet and Stephen Frost previously seen on cuke as artist Stephen Frost, who I first met as Father Stephen Frost who ran the Catholic Church's Newman Center at Sonoma State College. I see his Nepsis site with both art and writing is still there. But today the focus is the mystical CHAMA WITCHES

Steve Frost cuke page

12-27-10 - Father Steve Frost has new writing, poetry and prose, on his web sites, mainly <> but also But the sites are dominated by his wonderful art.

Steve Frost cuke page

11-27-10 - Brian Howlett's The Full Moon Society - he's a promoter of poetry. See his art.

11-23-10 - Three short books, collections of Taisan Sheridan's poetry:

* Walking Zen Mountain: Poems for Awakening

* Snow Falling in Moonlight: Odes in Praise of Dogen's Shobogenzo

* Rice Eyes: Enlightenment in Dogen's Kitchen

Check 'em out at Zen Lamp Books - ancient wisdom in modern verse

10-22-10 - Zen Monster, Vol. 1, #2  is now on sale @ all 3 ZC bookstores or online @ and 'google' Zen Monster on the site; its around $10. And don't forget Zen Monstor Vol. 1, #1. You can order them both from SFZC Bookstore. Check out the Zen Monster website.

10-04-10 - Check out these books:

Fil Lewitt's The Zen Follies, is available only on (that's the book's link). The following places and persons are among the ones mentioned or discussed in The Zen Follies: Tassajara Monastery, San Francisco Zen Center, Big River Farm Sangha, Daitokuji Temple in Kyoto; Fil Lewitt (myself), Katagiri Dainin-roshi, Suzuki Shunryu-roshi,  Tatsugami-roshi, Tommy Dorsey-roshi, Ikkyu-roshi, Kobori Nanrei-sensei, Chogyam Trungpa-rinpoche, Dick Baker, Reb Anderson, Bob Walter, Alan Rabold, Jack Elias, David Chadwick, Ed Brown, Dan Welch, Daisy Hellman Paradis, Linda Crawford, Gary Snyder, Richard Alpert (Ram Dass), Harold Brayton, and others. - That's from Fil's message about the book. Read the whole message.

More about Fil's books on his cuke People page


And Brad Warner's Sex, Sin, and Zen: A Buddhist Exploration of Sex from Celibacy to Polyamory and Everything in Between Amazon link

7-02-10 - On this page, a poem from Mark Lewis, Bus Stop, The Rubin Museum of Art posted the poem he submitted in conjunction with their show on the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

6-16-08 - Mark Foote whose site is Zen Mudra came to the reading last night. Check out this animation he did with Adobe Flash:

The Bridge That Flows (Zazen)

Mark writes: If anybody is interested, this is a stripped-down version of the third of three animations at my site.  While I was in the process, a friend in England sent me some graphics from the pyramids of Egypt that he was puzzling over, and lo and behold:  the same principles of anatomy that I was trying to illustrate were right there on the walls of ancient Egypt.  I decided to include the graphics from the pyramids in the animations, and you can see that at my site:

6-15-2010 - Kelly the elder son arrives today. So does poet Charlotte Innes, coming from LA. She sent an email last night to Kelly and me adding the five poems she's going to read to the five he's going to read and asking is that okay and is that going to conflict with what I'm going to read from Decomposition tonight at Copperfields and I wrote her back:

Poems? What poems? I'm just working on sending out emails and making phone calls and putting up a notice on Facebook etc.



How about this fungal poem from page 49?

          ribbed white canopy
an overnight sensation
          hell-bent for salad


Hope to see you tonight in Sebsatopol, Thursday in Berkeley, Friday in Sonoma or in the pages of Decomposition (details here). - dc

6-14-2010 - Susan Moon writes that This Is Getting Old - a new book from the maker of Tofu Roshi. Here's her blog - check the Bay Area events which continue into July. One is tomorrow night at Readers Books in Sonoma CA while Kelly and I are at Copperfields in nearby Sebastopol. Then we're going to be at Readers Books in Sonoma on Friday at five

6-13-2010 - Nothing is Written. This phrase comes to me now and then and I was wondering where I got it from. [more on this at dchad misc]

6-04-2010 - Bro Lor sends a poem on the BP spill: WELCOME  QUETZALCOATL

9-14-09 - Two poems by Beverly Armstrong

Sudden Rain for Kobun Chino


6-24-09 - Back in June, Beverly Armstrong sent this poem in memory of Annapurna.

5-31-09 - thanks to Linda Anderson for sending this to Katrinka

Buddha, at his birth, walked seven steps firmly;
Looked to each one of the 4 quarters of earth;
Declaring both freedom and independence for man.
He said, "Above the heavens, beneath the earth,
I alone am the World-Honored One."
Ever since then, the wise recognize each man
as Master of the universe.
While the unenlightened judge persons by the color of their faces.
Enlightenmt has no concern w/color, race or wealth.
How long will mankind ignore the words of the baby Buddha,
and fight shamelessly over the yellow metal and selfish power?


Nyogen Senzaki

April 1940

5/01/09 - Spring Poems by Jerry Bolick

3-21-09 - Jerry Bolick's poems now on his blog. Jerry ran the Buddhist Churches of America's (Jodo Shinshu) Buddhist Bookstore on Octavia Street off Bush for years and was a friend of Ananda Claude Dalenberg's. Today the Buddhist Bookstore is no longer small, is in Berkeley and online. The bookstore was founded I believe in 1959 and was for years, as far as I know, the only Buddhist bookstore in America. It was around the corner from the old Sokoji where the SF Zen Center began. I'll try to get more on it and everything from Jerry. - dc

3-05-09 - Please Remember by Barton Stone (need to get his stuff together)

12-16-08 - This Wondrous Dharma by Barton Stone

11-19-08 - Meditations from the slow lane - November poems from Jerry Bolick

10-16-08 - A poem from Barton Stone

Full Moon Poetry by Katrinka McKay

6-07-08 - A poem on Shunryu Suzuki by Jaan Kaplinski in the new Reflections on Suzuki section (or is that a department). - thanks Wenger

(new section started 6-07-08 - send suggestions)

5-12-08 - Check out Poetry Chaikana, sacred poetry from around the world. And from that site a bunch of Han Shan poems. Thanks Linda via Katrinka

5-11-08 - Miriam Bobkoff emailed in the correct links for her and Miriam Sagan's memories of and in memoriam for Philip Whalen. They're on Santa Poetry Broadside. Here's the in memorium which consists of twelve of Philip's poems, here are the Miriams' memories and here's Anne MacNaughton's.  See the main page for Philip Whalen.

5-05-08 - The Invention of the Letter: A Beastly Morality by Philip Whalen on Steve Silberman's site. for all to read which is okay since it was printed and handed out for free to begin with and has something printed on it which indicates that - what's that called again, Steve?

On Zen Monster by Brian Unger

Tony Patchell's Zen dreams plus some pre-Zen memories of Tony's and Burn Out Stories.

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