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Shunryu Suzuki Legacy Project
To Preserve and Deliver

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1-12-09 - SSLP quick report - As usual I'm working on Suzuki Roshi stuff. Mainly now I'm trying to get the whole archive upgraded - audio, print, moving, and still images and doing a trip where I'm getting it all on single hard drives which are then to be shared with teachers in the lineage, libraries, and so forth. Got all the tapes digitalized, made six CD sets of them (about 350 discs), added one CD with the transcripts and edited versions of the lectures, some DVDs with copies of the films and photos. So that's for the CD/DVD sets to be distributed to the archivist, the SFZC City Center in SF, Green Gulch Farm in Marin, North Carolina, Germany, and one other place - maybe Berkeley ZC. Then got it all on a hard disc and made other hard discs from that. Calling this an archive subscription as it will be updated a lot. Right now I'm working on getting it in order, doing a lot of work with the CDs and the hard disc version. As it gets more together it'll get up on the Internet bit by bit and be more and more accessible - that's inevitable. There's lots more I could say and tons more in the reports below. But what I really have to be doing now is to get some donations [how to do it there] so that the SFZC keeps supporting the project. They've been supporting it with the understanding that there would be donations coming in to cover it. There's a rather low budget considering what we're getting out of this project - $52,000 for the year - and very low overhead. I live quite cheaply and do things pretty cheaply - got over 300 lectures digitalized with 6 full CD sets and a master hard disc and a number of copies. Baker Roshi went through a bunch of his storage and we found a few lecture tapes and a few transcripts not in the archive - and a copy of a notebook of Della Goertz's with lecture notes. There's more of that to do. Right now the digitalized audio of the lectures is in wave files. One of the next steps would be to get some mp3s of the lectures so they can go on the Internet and be easier to deal with in libraries. Onward - more reporting soon.



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