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From Shunryu's Hand - letters and calligraphy

The kanji on the left is Zenshin Shunryu So (old man)

Copied this off the PDF of Falling Through the Ice: The Path of a Zen Methodist by John Hiestand who scanned it from a first edition of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. His mom and sis sat with Shunryu Suzuki in Los Alto.

And now I'm thinking to gather everything I can find from Suzuki's hand for here. I've always mainly been word oriented. - dc

posted 10-02-14

Kazuaki Tanahashi answers question about character Shunryu Suzuki used after his name.

(pronounced "sō" meaning "Old Man."


Here's another scan of it from Suzuki, Shunryu (2011-03-15). Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind . Shambhala Publications. Kindle Edition. (40th anniversary edition)



Shoshin sumi-e in Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind with orchids