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WB 67-02


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A virtue is like the ocean, 
His character like the great mountain. 
Jane Westberg gave Zen Mountain Center an ancient stone seal which was dug 
up in Korea. It is a beautiful, orange-grained, smooth, alabaster stone, standing 
about three inches high and about four inches across. It is carved with trees and 
mountains winding along its Sides and portrays Seki Heki, a place in China. 
It seems to belong in its new mountain-valley home so near the Pacific Ocean. An 
impreGon Of the seal carted On its bottom surface is reproduced above. Its trans- 
Ltion expresses something of how Zen students feel about their teacher.




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71iis is the architect's rendering to show the probable relationships between the volumes and 
tv ortjte jar arrow is the present office. To the left of the left arrow is where the kitchen 
addition will be built on the existing foundation. Above the new kitchen will be a skylight and 
a loft-zendo, seating 26, for students who are working in the kitchen and for visitors who wish 
to do zazen. This loft zendo will be open to the main zendo so that the bells and mokugyo can 
be heard, 



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thitil We Cait afford the materials and have the manpower freed from the kitchen building and 
Other jobs, we must continue to use the present zendo, new •L ' shgled zendo as shown in 
these lansforthefuture seats about the same number of Students as the present zendo. However, 
It possible to arrange the tatami mats parallel to each other. In such a more traditional ar- 
ranRement, each student may be assigned a tatami on which he meditates and sleeps (during ses- 
Against the Wall by each tatami will be a cabinet for each 
shin and perhaps during practizperiod 
student's limited possessions a bedroll. When rebu [It, th e t Of the b gilding will open onto 
the stream. It is an ideal solution which also makes the best use of the 
a deck

 P27 - plans that did not materialize though some concrete foundation for it remains. - dc



WB 70-1 Winter


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Frances Thompson (who did the original artwork for the Tassajara Bread Book)



WB 70-2 Summer



Tassajara Calendar, Herbal & Bestiary - 1969

Frances Thompson and Tim Buckley and she did the art too - PDF



 WB 70-71 Fall Winter


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P51 - Frances Thompson



WB 71 Summer


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Volume X No. 1 Summer 1971


 calligraphy of Four Vows, Shiseigan, by Dainin Katagiri


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S entient beings are numberless , 
vow to save them; 
Desires are inexhaustibf+, 
vow tofut an end to them: 
The dharmas are boundless , 
vow to master them; 
The Buddha's Way is unsurpassaK6. 
vow to attain it.


P6 - calligaphy by Rick Levine as are many headers and other graphics in later Wind Bells



WB 72


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at in f 969 passing the sounding board 
that is used to :azen, lectures and the arrival Or departure of the abbot 
from the monastery. A translation of the characters is below: 
Listen well everyone 
Great is the problem Of Life and Death 
No forever gone gone 
Awake awake each one 
Don 't waste your life ! 
•Suzuki•roshi's translation is: "Don 't goof off!"


P35 - han kanji by Kobun Chino


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ARTHUR OKAMURA. well-known silk.screen artist and long-time member of 
Zen Center. has done a signed, limited first edition of "Sakyamuni" (reproduced 
above). for sale as a contribution to Zen Center's Property Fund. The actual 
print measures 13" by 19" and is in two colors, gold and yellow. The paper used 
is Rives. hand-made French rag paper. The prints may be purchased, at $25 
each, by using the order blank enclosed in this issue. 


WB 74 1-2

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The following is a report from Steve Stuck", head of fann work at Green Gulch. 
June i 5, 1974. Though we've been talking about and planning for seven acres, 
gular field Crew Of four (plus three "irregulars") hasn't been able to handle 
our re 
this up until now. Sometimes extra help would arrive just in time—Redwood 
High School students helped plant 500 pounds of potatoes in February. Two 
recent developments have helped a lot: we acquired a 30 inch Howard "GEM" 
rototilier; also, the Green Gulch schedule has been Changed so that everyone 
works an hour and a half in the fields before breakfast.




WB 76 Summer


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WB 78-79

 Machine generated alternative text:
I raise those xnc{enr 
scrawlec( ow 
On little 
•wor( oters Since- 


Machine generated alternative text:
Ccpl. 1 
-k his ? I 



WB 83-1 Summer


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Whalen • 
at "unh 
ne original af this broadside composed and calligraphed by Zenshin Ryv' Philip Whalen. with 
the Siddham characters for rhe six forms of Jizo by Tensho David Schneider. limited 
number of signed copies are for sixry dollars. and unsigned copies may be purchased by Zen 
Center members lwenty-five dollars. All proceeds go toward payment for the Jiao statue Green 


WB 83 Winter


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no Rinmi 
Autunm s ky_ 
The Stuts 
dim tamp 
MITSU SUZUKI, who is known in 
Japan a rea•ntly 
tm luiku shown above. The one on the 
righc took first prize in a publi- 
by Eil-ei-ii temple, and 
the other received a high-ranking 
Bizc_ written out by Suzuku- 
sensei and translated hy Tanahushi_

 See more at Mitsu in the Wind Bells



WB 86- Fall


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Large and Small Spirit Bir& in 
a paintirw hawing in the 
pge Street dinig room 
b)' the late Nomtan Stiegebmyer, 
one Of Suzuki-roshi's early stu&us.



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Machine generated alternative text:
I vqvv wrrPf 
XLL DUST AND co,vruslQ . 
' 44KpffL HC4LTHY-+/O cLt4N* 
uv/THlhi 94MQ v?rmoctT

 P11 - the bath gatha


WB 86-2 - Fall 25th Anniversary Issue



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Mike Dixon's Fly


Spring 1987 Wind Bell



cover by Dan Welch - an etching on a sidewalk near the SFZC City Center

Dan Welch and his art in the Wind Bells



WB 92-2 Fall


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Self Portrait by Amwr HfMdRey


p11 - Self Portrait by Amber Hoadley



p12 - Rainbow Serpent by Kazuaki Tanahashi


The art above and below with article by Kaz on his and Mayumi's Plutonium Free Future - PDF


Machine generated alternative text:
'Plutonium Free Future, 201S Shattuck Ave., Box 140, Berkeley, CA 94704 
"Enr!k Skip" by Mayumi Oda



p18 - Calligraphy and Frog by Jenny Groat



WB 2002


It is Stan White and the WB corrected that mistake in the next issue.

Tons more of Stan White's Zen ink drawings


So much more could get from the Wind Bells, especially the later ones but that's all for now. - dc 4-14-17