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web site development

1-13-07 - Communicating with a hospice educator and web site techie named Richard O. DeWald who's offered to help improve the look and usability of I appreciate it. I know it's a mess. I'd love for every page to have the same links and for readers to be able to post comments. Others have generously offered to help in the past and I've been too involved in what I was doing to take advantage of it. We'll see what happens this time.

Here's his web site. Take a look at his frustrating experience with the SFZC on his blog: My refuge as a sesshin stooge.  And then go to Buddhism Without Bullshit: My sesshin at Dharma Field.

Below is from what he just sent me. I post it in case any other readers with technical knowledge have comments. Thanks. - DC

I lease space at

I do a lot of work for my employer there, hosting this blog: as well as running a couple of list-servs. This causes them to budget-in my hosting costs, which makes the other 90% of the capacity I have at the site free to me. I want to pass off this free resources to other worthwhile causes, which is what I consider your efforts at to be.

My website is

but I host my blog at blogspot (Google's blogging site) because that hands over the user management and spam control to Google, whom I trust to do all that correctly.

I think your work at cuke would benefit greatly from a blog, and blogspot is accepting custom domain pointers now, so you could point to it. have the blog be your main page and link everything off of it another host, like mine. Or you could do it with a subdomain like, or Those with gmail accounts can sign-in with their google e-mail and they handle authentication. It shows up in blog searches at google, it's a good deal for something like your content that you want widely distributed.

You can take whatever you're paying for hosting now and put that back in your pocket. I'll give you an account at my hosting provider with access to cuke's content by ftp, ssh, and sftp. It is important to me that you understand that what I seek to do here is help you with this project, not control it, not direct it in any way, but offer you a little advice, mainly about using cascading style sheets to get the look of your site consistent on every page and pass on the benefit of free hosting services I enjoy, I don't have some plan beyond that.

If you want to host and control your own blog, users, etc, I can offer you that using wordpress, a very widely used open-source blogging package:

I have MySQL db in the back end, and I can run PHP5 script engines. I can stream quicktime, too.

Beyond that, I can host your DNS records for free, give you full e-mail service there (with thousands of accounts if you need them), or I can show you how to use Googlepages to handle's pictures (using Picasa), e-mail (using customized GMail), document creation (using google docs), and calendar (using gCal) at cuke URL's.

You seem to have enough technical ability to learn how to pull a bunch of very useful levers I know how to use. I think I could really help.

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