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What Was New in 2000-2001
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What Was New 1999 to now Index

In 2001 I only put on this site an occasional lecture by Shunryu Suzuki and some info on To Shine One Corner of the World: Moments with Shunryu Suzuki, and the letter below from Mitsu Suzuki. 

9/1/01 - A letter from Mitsu Suzuki


8/9/2000 - Hi there. I'm on vacation till September. There's plenty herein to take a look at for those who are new to this site. As Chauncy Gardener, however his name is spelled, might say: The fall will bring cool breezes and colorful leaves. 

See you then and, take care.-DC [I then proceeded to take a long sabbatical, not returning to the site till March of 2001.]

7/30/2000 - A chant card for the Heart Sutra from Sokoji, 1962.

7/29/2000 - Haiku Zendo Chronicles, Part II (see below)

7/26/2000 - A bit of history here: Haiku Zendo Chronicles, Part I, a publication put out in 1973 by the Zen group in Los Altos where Suzuki Roshi gave the Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind lectures.. It's not available now but has a lot of good material in it. - DC

7/15/2000 - The new index or home page is something else that's new. There was a super funky scan of Suzuki Roshi on it off of video that's now in photo gallery. Now there's a new one of him standing sort of formally at Tassajara with his stick. As I have time I'll change the photos on the index page and then put them in the photo gallery.

7/12/2000 - I'm going to England from the 5th to the 17th of October. I'm going with Suzuki Roshi's early disciple, Grahame Petchey. Most of my time there is free. Does anyone have any ideas what I should do? I'll be on a very tight budget. Will work for food and fun. - DC

7/9/2000 - Go to Digressions to see why the future does not need us.-DC

7/6/2000 - an old letter of Suzuki Roshi memories from an old ship captain.

7/4/2000 - Interview with Larry Hansen.

6/21/2000 - Check out the interview excerpt with yours truly on the web site of the Royal Vagrant Review. It's in their "what's new" section so I don't know how long it will run. I'll print the full interview later when it comes out. - DC [oops! it's gone. Wonder what it said. - DC 2005]

6/20/2000 - a summery of Suzuki Roshi lectures given during a sesshin, from the August 1964 Wind Bell. Edited by Trudy Dixon. 

5/26/2000 - A story about coming to Zen Center and meeting Suzuki-roshi in the early sixties by Daniel Abdal-Havy Moore.

5/20/2000 - Shunryu Suzuki on the history of Zen Center - from the 1969 interview with him by Peter Schneider.

5/ 9, 2000 - Two Suzuki Roshi Lectures from 1964 Wind Bells. [No longer on site]

4/25/2000 - The February 20, 1999 review of Crooked Cucumber in the LA Times.

4/23/2000 - Happy Easter, as I see it, the day to celebrate spiritual rebirth.-DC

See Ignore at Your Own Peril in Digressions.

4/22/2000 - Two new books: by Suzuki students Molly Jones and Darlene Cohen. And check out Molly's letter, new in Interviews, and Darlene's interview which is there too. 

4/21/00 - Hop aboard for a ride through the Negative Blurbs Page for Crooked Cucumber. Go to the Intro to the Negative Blurbs Page in Review Comments (Thanks Dan - broken links fixed - it was 3am).

4/19/2000 - Some April Readers' Comments which include sources for tapes of Suzuki lectures and some new Suzuki Stories. Check out a note in Digressions.

4/19/2000 - Happy birthday Clay!

4/18/2000 - March Readers' Comments where we find some new Suzuki and Katagiri stories, and a CD named Suzuki and dedicated to Shunryu Suzuki.

4/17/2000 - A few quotes from Shunryu Suzuki's lectures as found in Crooked Cucumber

4/15/2000 - Interview with Arthur Deikman, Suzuki student, writer and professor of psychiatry. 

4/15/2000 - Thanks to Gorden Geist in Norway for noting immediately, as he has been doing for a while, the errata in the four new Suzuki Lectures put on this site yesterday. I've entered his corrections.

4/15/2000 - I'm giving a talk at Stone Creek Zendo in Sebastopol CA at 7:30 PM on Tuesday April 18th. For more on Stone Creek Zendo. - DC

4/14/2000 - Four new lectures by Shunryu Suzuki as printed in the February, March, and April 1964 Wind Bells, the publication of the San Francisco Zen Center. [No longer on site. New lectures there now.]

4/05/2000 - Sorry, there's nothing new here right now. Fortunately though, there's a lot of old stuff. Check it while I work on the new book, my income taxes, a fence I foolishly thought would be done by now, and fundraising for the Cucumber Project so that I can put more time into this web site and collecting the oral history of Suzuki Roshi's students. In a week or so I'll be back with some new interviews, Suzuki lectures, March readers' comments and more - not all at once - something every few days as before. Thanks for your patience. - DC

3/23/2000 - Sangha News

3/19/2000 - A brief interview with Huston Smith, widely considered one of the foremost authorities on world religion.

3/10/2000 - Four new Suzuki Roshi lectures from the Wind Bells (the publication of the San Francisco Zen Center) put out from July to December of 1963. [No longer on site]

3/7/2000 - Some February Readers' Comments. 

2/25/2000 - Interview with close Suzuki and Trungpa student Robert Halpern.

2/24/2000 - Updating the Reviews section.'s excellent Readers' Reviews and The San Francisco Chronicle's review from last year. Also, a letter about the SF Chron's review with my comments.

2/22/2000 - Interview with Toni McCarty (Johansen), early student at the Los Altos Zendo and noble pioneer of family practice.

2/10/2000 - Interview with Stanley White, irascible priest of the Taos Zendo.

2/7/2000 --Catching up. January Readers' Comments. Some comments on Marketing. Some dandy Suzuki Stories from Ken Spiker. There's a mini review in Ascent Magazine by Swami Radhananda and a letter from Frank Anderton added to the Interviews.

02/03/2000 - Three Shunryu Suzuki lecture excerpts [no longer posted] from early Wind Bells (February, March, & April of 1963). 

02/02/2000 -- Help me to name the new book on Suzuki Roshi

1/24/2000--The last entries are posted. Look at them and then go to the Answer to the contest finally revealed.

1/21/2000--All I have to do before posting the answer to the contest about what's happening on the Cover of Crooked Cucumber  is to make a phone call to the photographer, post a few last entries, and reveal the impossible-to-guess answer.--DC

A correction on the location of the upcoming Sonoma County CA book signing/reading of the soon to be released paperback of Crooked Cucumber. Go to  Events for more info like to see that it will be at the Petaluma Copperfields on February 15th at 7:00 PM. The Gaia Books brown bag lunch/reading/signing in Berkeley is at 12:30 on February 17th. 

1/20/2000--Interview II with Irene Horowitz. Now it's combined with the first one, Interview with Irene Horowitz.

1/14/2000--The paperback of Crooked Cucumber is coming out and should be available any day. The publishing date is February 8th (the day before my birthday). Unlike the massive tour I did for the release of the hardcover, I'm just doing two readings/signings in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click here to read more about these events and to put their dates on your calendar so we can say hi. Hope to see you there.

In the meantime, I'll be adding more interviews, readers' comments, and all to this site; working on the new book of Suzuki-roshi stories due out in a year; and doing fundraising to keep this work going. See the note below.

AND I'll have the answer to the Contest on what's happening on the book cover soon too. For info on that just look below.--DC

1/12/2000--Greetings. I'm over the flu and well rested. Good to be back.