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[May 2005 - How to donate to the work DC does.]

See October 2005 fundraising proposal

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srhat.JPG (28627 bytes) The Cucumber Project includes all the work I'm doing to preserve the legacy of Shunryu Suzuki: Crooked Cucumber,, interviewing people and getting all my materials organized and archived. The SF Zen Center is also involved in an extensive project to preserve archive Suzuki Roshi's lectures. See Lecture Project. The photo above by Tim Buckley is of Suzuki Roshi in Vermont to conduct a funeral in 1971 - this is not during the funeral of course. Click on it to enlarge.

All the materials in this section are pretty old but I'm still working on the same stuff here in 2005 - plodding along with it when I have time. - DC

To contact David Chadwick, send email to dchad3(at)sonic(dot)net - This avoids spam]

The following letter and earlier preliminary project proposal tell it all. Following them are letters from supporters of the Cucumber Project.

December, 1999 letter requesting support for the Cucumber Project from David Chadwick. This is my end of the year fund raising letter to keep this work going. Any donations, feedback, suggestions of individuals, organizations, or foundations which might be interested are welcome. Thanks a lot--DC


First CUCUMBER PROJECT PROPOSAL--A preliminary Proposal to fund the Crooked Cucumber Oral History Project (original--8/13/99; update--10/11/99). 

Letters of Support for the Cucumber Project

Huston Smith

Regional Oral History Office, Bancroft Library, UCB.

Dr. Lewis Lancaster, East Asian Studies, UCB.

Graduate Theological Union.

Buddhist Studies Program, SF Zen Center.

Institute for Historical Study (fiscal sponsor) plus their IRS 501c3 letter .

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