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Where Is the Love?

1-22-08 - Where is the Love by Black Eyed Peas. This is a song I heard many times when I was in Thailand in 2003. Looking out at the clear blue ocean from under a thatch roof, 12 year old Clay jumping into the water, among first second (who are they?) and third world people, it evoked in me a feeling of painful beauty, the sad, harsh, transient, lonely plight of beings turning in the tumbler of Samsara.

I don't know if I've heard it since till today (yesterday) on Crooks and Liars where John Amato writes: "my favorite Peas song, “Where is the Love” from their 2003 breakthrough album, Elephunk? It hit #1 almost everywhere in the world (except in the U.S., where he just managed to eke out a top 10– despite the presence on it of Justin Timberlake)."

Here's the video of the song from Crooks and Liars - with heavy images of war and here's an older video, I assume the original, of Where is the Love. Here's another video.

And here is a version without a video but with the words which you can read as it plays - or just read.

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