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Beverly's response to the August 2021 cuke message featuring Mike Dixon's portrait of Shunryu Suzuki

I actually started a drawing of this image many years ago. Will see if i can find it (lol).This image, Roshi's face, also resides at the center of my desktop (macbook), where i can practice with him at any time. Also like how in opening and closing, his face and the too much i have (particularly now) on the screen appear and disappear, a number of times, the one and all the myriad things.

Here is a little ditty i wrote a bunch of years ago.









Goodnight Mr. Emptiness

Goodnight Mr. Emptiness

i said to the photo of my teacher

that appeared at the center 

of my laptop’s desktop.

Goodnight. May i always

meet you, one human attachment

to another. Wear the brown

robe, so we’ll know. Hover

in my ear like those hummingbirds

in the agastache, a dusty

purple licorice mint. Revive 

me after whatever sleep, mobile

face of an infant, trust beyond

reason, viscous squirms meet 

in the fields of lifestreams, 

ordinary subtle intimate handhold.

When breath undoes its tether,

say goodnight through the end pains.

Meet me there, Mr. Emptiness. Wake me

in tangled skies like the unfolding moon.