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Ananda Claude Dalenberg Page

Adios, Ah Budos, Ananda

In Alamosa on a town trip
call from David
“Ananda died this morning”


Back at the mountain center
afternoon tea
before 3 & 8 day Nenju ceremony
reminiscing about Ananda

original dharma bum Bud Diefendorf
pioneering buddha dharma practice in the west
early Bush street Soko-ji
-- many of us showed up with long unkempt hair
he kept his cut short --
not-exactly-priest, not-exactly-lay ordination from Suzuki Roshi
used to wear his buddha-robe okesa over a dark western suit
with wing-tip shoes
steady, staid
liked the Theravada
tried to get us to sing
“Buddham saranam gachami...”


Years later
many of us shaved our heads
he let his hair grow long and unruly
-- always the contrarian

Zentatsu read Gary’s poem, Parting with Claude Dalenberg


“...opening our hearts
as men did long ago....
Quiet talk and slow easy pace...
ease of the world...
as though we might somewhere be parting again.”

Incense offered at the zendo altar
drifting smoke mingles with
juniper & pinon, clouds & snow



Dojun Dan Welch
Crestone Mountain Zen Center
Full Moon night, February 20, 2008


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