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Ananda Claude Dalenberg Page

Biographical Notes written by Diane Dalenberg (daughter) and David Dalenberg (brother) handed out with this program

There will be another memorial service for Ananda at the SFZC, possibly on the 49th day after his death

Program for Ceremony Celebrating Ananda's Life


Ananda Claude Dalenberg journeyed on to The Pure Land, early February 18, 2008, at the age of 80.

Ananda Claude Dalenberg's Commemoration

Zen Center, Thursday, February 21, 2008, 4:30-5:30 p.m.



Celebrant: Reverend Zenkei Blanche Hartman


-Incense offering

-Purification with Wisdom Water

-Three bows by Assembly

-Resolution of Karma

-Refuges chanted by Bishop Ogui of Buddhist Churches of America

-Words of Appreciation and Reading of Buddha's First Sermon (per Ananda's request) by David Chadwick

-Words of Appreciation of Ananda by Officiant

-Words of Appreciation by members of the Assembly

- Closing words, introduction of chants

Ten Names of Buddha

Heart Sutra in Sino-Japanese (Hannya Shin Gyo)

Great Compassionate Mind Dharani (all invited to offer incense as we chant)


-All Buddhas

-Three bows

-Procession leaves


5:30-6:30 Reception down and across the street at 273 Page for a photo slideshow, favorite music of Ananda's, light finger foods and drink, and a chance to mingle with new and old friends.


A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO: DAVID CHADWICK for always being by Ananda's side when he was sick and dying, for consistently helping with whatever was needed, and for keeping Ananda's progress and words and insights alive on his website:; TO BLANCHE HARTMAN for organizing and officiating today's celebration in such short notice and for bringing the chants Ananda remembered to the Hospice; TO JERRY BOLICK for conducting such a beautiful bedside pilo ceremony; TO DR. O'KEEFE for always trying to find a way to make Ananda's life better, & TO CENTRAL GARDENS CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL for caring for Ananda when he couldn't care for himself.

Biographical Notes written by Diane Dalenberg (daughter) and David Dalenberg (brother) handed out with this program

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