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Disciples of Shunryu Suzuki

Suzuki once said that a disciple was someone he'd ordained as a priest but at another time he said that it was his students who practiced with the Bodhisattva's vow. He said to Phillip Wilson after the legitimacy of Phillip's ordination had been questioned by monks at Eiheiji, "If you think you're a monk, you're a monk."

Bill McNeil - late, 1960
Bob Hense - late, 1960 Suzuki called both Bill and Bob disciples, ordained "for me" in 1961 by the chief priest of Sekiun-in, head temple of Rinsoin.
Jean Ross - 1962 - also ordained "for me" in Japan. The 3rd shuso at Tass. We did a practice period without one to wait for her.
Grahame Petchey - August, 1963
Phillip Wilson - March, 1964
Ananda Claude Dalenberg - August, 1966 at Rinsoin
Hoitsu Suzuki - his son at Rinsoin
Shoko Okamoto - son of prior acting abbout at Zounin in Mori, a temple Suzuki was the nominal abbot of. Neither Hoitsu nor Shoko studied with Suzuki formally. Both got ordained when young.
Richard Baker - July, 1967
Ron Browning - summer, 1968 - interview coming August 2015
Joyce Browning - summer, 1968
Mel Weitsman - May, 1969
Trudy Dixon - ? - not an ordained disciple whom Suzuki called his greatest disciple. - Ordained at funeral, Trudy, 1969
Bill Kwong - January, 1970
Silas Hoadley - January, 1970

Peter Schneider - May, 1970
Dan Welch - May, 1970
Paul Discoe - August, 1970
Reb Anderson - August, 1970
Les Kaye - 1971 - January
Edward Brown - 1971, September
David Chadwick - 1971, September
Lew Richmond - 1971, September
Angie Runyon - 1971, September

A note about disciples' meetings - January 3 & 4, 1998, at the Berkeley Zen Center (I think) - dc

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