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A Proposal to fund the Zen Alumbrella

The Zen Alumbrella promises to be a vitally important service, not only for Zen practitioners but for all who are seriously involved in the spiritual quest.

Huston Smith

10-29-05 - This is a proposal I just sent out to a foundation which has generously supported my work in the past. I'm going to be sending a version of this to other potential funders. Because I've been working on this and doing some odd jobs to pay bills, I haven't put much on recently and so when I just looked for something I could put up quickly, I thought, why not share this proposal with the loyal readers of So here it is reworded in a few places to take out references to the foundation I sent it to and also not presented on paper. Any suggestions warmly welcomed, as are generous contributions. - DC is the website of and for the Zen Alumbrella

Overview of Zen Alumbrella proposal of 10-25-2005

This was the cover sheet for the proposal packet
and serves as a linked table of contents for this web presentation

Cuke 2020 Presentation


A Proposal

to fund
the Zen Alumbrella

From David Chadwick

October 29, 2005

Fiscal sponsor:
Institute for Historical Study
PO Box 5743
Berkeley, CA, 94705

This packet includes

The Proposal


The Zen Alumbrella

The Cucumber Project – Suzuki Roshi archiving is still going strong
The Zen Aluminati –
a new direction – visiting our aging friends
Miscellaneous Projects –
various services and resources for the Zen world and beyond

Self Support



Alumbrella Advisors

2006 Budget


Letter from Steve Tipton, Emory University

Letter from Michael Goldberg, DT Suzuki Film Project


Letter from DC to SFZC Elder’s Council

Who are the Zen Aluminati? by DC from the SFZC’s sangha-e!


From [in the hard copy proposal not all of the pages below were used]

     Zen Aluminati Statement

     Whom are we thinking of Now?

     Aluminati Update

     The Monk with Dysentery

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