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Alumbrella Advisors and Supporters

for the Zen Alumbrella Proposal of 10-05      

Zen Alumbrella proposal of 10-05 Overview

[Many many people have advised and assisted me through the years, but these are the ones I listed in the Zen Alumbrella proposal of 10-05. - DC]

Huston Smith, widely regarded as the foremost authority of World Religions is the senior advisor for the Zen Alumbrella.* See his brief interview on


Martha deBarros is a lay Zen teacher who worked for years with the Marin Hospice, helped found the San Francisco Hospice and who currently is concentrating on working with prisoners and a new grandchild.

Bruce Fortin is a Zen teacher who was director of the Sonoma Hospice for nine years.

Lewis Lancaster is the retired head of UC Berkeley East Asian Studies Department.* [His interview not yet on]

Frank Ostaseski is the founding director of the SF Zen Hospice and currently heads the Alaya Institute which "offers educational programs integrating the spiritual dimensions of living, dying, and transformation."

Avi Peterson was a volunteer for the Zen Hospice Project who is involved with a broad range of social and political work.

John Tarrant is the abbot of the Pacific Zen Institute.

Steve Tipton is a senior professor of religion and sociology at Emory University and co-authored the best-selling Habits of the Heart [see enclosed letter][his interview not yet on]

Michael Wenger is Dean of Buddhist Studies at the SF Zen Center and has advised principally on the Cucumber Project.*

Both the Regional Oral History Office of the Bancroft Library*, UC Berkeley and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley* have offered to be homes for the archives of the Cucumber Project.

* = letters of support submitted in earlier proposals are available upon request. [except here they're available by hitting that link]

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