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Andrew Atkeison

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2-23-20 - Photo of Andrew in Kyoto with his new bicycle

2-23-20 - Andrew looks over the Cuke 2020 Presentation and writes his own testimonial for Cuke Archives.

9-03-16 - Byodoin (PDF)- Back in January, Andrew sent photos and a report on this temple In Japan.

6-06-16 - Andrew's back in Japan at Fukuoji where Mike Jamvold lived. Here's a page for Fukuoji on his Iron Fulte Song site.

5-19-16 - Andrew Atkeison's Iron Flute Song website.

2-11-16 - Andrew's report on attending Shunko Mike Jamvold's funeral in Kyoto.

Color Dreams for To Find the Girl from Perth - Illustrations by Andrew, text by DC

From the back of that book are the photo to the left and text below.

Andrew Atkeison was born in Alabama in 1949. He holds a degree in art and has a fascinating sculpture garden. He has two grown daughters and lives in Northern California with his wife, Rosie.

10-22-15 - Andrew Atkeison on his trip to Japan - Rinsoin, Kyoto, Eiheiji

Links related to Andrew on cuke. He's an old friend from the early seventies SFZC and we've stayed close. - dc

Occupy Day Santa Rosa, CA, 2011

On Mindfulness - a past note to cuke

on Niels Holm

Greeting George Bush - 2006

Tassajara Early Practice Period Alumni

Contributors to cuke archives

Andrew is an artist and sculptor. Here's a piece o his below. He's also a blacksmith and can make just about anything. - DC

Here's a link to a book he did on blacksmithing.



5-29-14 - Kelly Chadwick's photo of Andrew Atkeison's iron face sculpture that we had in John Tarrant's field marking boxer Lola's grave. When Kelly trimmed some trees there last fall, I asked him to take it home to Spokane with him. Thanks Andrew.

9-21-14 - L to R - Andrew Atkeison, Michael Stusser, Tozen Akiyama, and Zoshi Takayuki in the Meditation Garden at Stusser's Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary.


Tozen on cuke


Andrew Atkeison cuke page



Zoshi is a wood sculptor. - dc