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Ananda Claude Dalenberg Page

Parting with Claude Dalenberg by Gary Snyder

Gary Snyder Main Page

Daihi  Emmon  Bukkai Jinshu


The Dharani of the Great Compassionate One


for Ananda Claude Dalenberg

 [fom Gary Snyder]

Namu karatan n˘ torayÔyÔ namu oriyÔ boryokichi shifurayÔ

fujisatoboyÔ moko satoboyÔ moko  kyaruni kyayÔ ensa hara haei shutan˘ tonshÔ namu shikirţ to im˘ oriyÔ boryokichi shifurÔ rit˘ b˘ namu norÔ

kiji kirţ mokohod˘ shami sa b˘  o to j˘ shuben oshuin sabo sat˘ nomobo gyÔ moha tech˘ to ji t˘ en oboryokţ ryogyachi kyarachi ikiri mok˘

fujisato sabo sab˘ mora morÔ moki mokţ ritoin kury˘ kury˘

kemo tory˘ tory˘ hoja yachi moko hoja yachţ tora tora chirinţ shifura yÔ

shar˘ shar˘ momo hamorÔ hochirţ iki ikţ shino shin˘

ora san furasharţ haza hazÔ furashayÔ kury˘ kury˘ mora kury˘ kury˘

kiri shar˘ shÔr˘ shirţ shirţ  suryo sury˘   fujiyÔ fujiyÔ fudoyÔ fudoyÔ

michiriyÔ nora kinjţ  chirishunin˘ hoyamono somok˘ shidoyÔ somok˘ moko shidoyÔ somok˘ shido yukţ shifurayÔ  somoko  norakinjţ somok˘ mora norÔ somok˘ shirasun o mogyayÔ somok˘ sobomok˘ shidoyÔ somok˘ shakira oshidoyÔ somok˘ hodomogya shidoyÔ somok˘

norakinjţ hagyarayÔ somok˘ mohori shingyarayÔ somok˘ namu karatan n˘ torayayÔ namu oriyÔ boryokichţ shifurayÔ somok˘ shitedo modorÔ hodoyÔ somok˘







How could I have expected
that after a long life I would
understand no more than to wake up
at night and to repeat: strange,
strange, strange, o how strange, how
strange. O how funny and strange.

— Czeslaw Milosz

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