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2/18/12 - Diane Dalenberg


I awake this morning, exactly four years after Dad's request to enter the "Pure Land"

Images and memories flash through my mind...

the smell of eucalyptus as he returns from GG Park after walking the dog

stubby pencils from the public library and folded squares of blank paper in his back pocket

grooming his beard

beaded necklaces

his daily sit in the local bakery

conditioning his hair with vinegar

his advice to "walk lightly" on the earth

the "church" he created in the garage with a log pulpit

pecking at the keyboard to write his zen magazines

sounds of Carlos Nakai on the CD player

soaking in hot tubs for hours

surrounded by a peaceful home library collection

customizing stadium horns with holes and black tape to get just the right sound

blowing conch shells

playing the harmonica

"shave and a hair cut, two bits"

singing "You are my Sunshine"

serenading the twins with the "Goodnight Ladies" song

Saturday morning lectures at Zen Center

swinging homemade golf balls made out of socks and rubber bands against the garage doors

zooming down the V hill like a roller coaster on the way to school in the morning

magical coins with super powers given as gifts


his basement den

visiting Green Gulch and Zen Center and proud to be with Dad

loving our family dogs

red Mazda, blue Subaru, blue Honda Civic

bolo tie

playing Santa

singing and dancing in the living room

guest speaker in my middle school history class while studying world religions: his reply to asking about the meaning of life was "YES"

family vacations in Hawaii

swimming in Lake Michigan


crazy chairs

tourists at the Great Wall of China requesting a photo, as he was being "mistaken" for Jesus

the twitching eye when anger arose

long walks


colorful patchwork jackets

Ben Davis slacks

all wise men have beards


floating on back with hands and feet sticking out of water

spinning wishes on the tibetan prayer wheel

wishing, hoping my dad still feels, hears, and sees....

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