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From Suzuki's hand


From the 1st Sesshin

  Certificate book given to each participant. This one is for Betty Warren. Large versions below.


Kanji for sesshin




temple seal


1960-02-21 Sokoji Shunryu

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An overexposed photo of the first sesshin participants.

First sesshin February 21, 1960 overexposed Polaroid. L to R in back, Della Goertz,Kazemitsu Kato, Shunryu Suzuki, George Hagiwara (I think). In front on left - Betty Warren and third from right Jean Ross (I think). - dc

Betty Warren page

- You can see before cropping it's a polaroid.

Here's an earlier presentation of all this with more info - I would have used instead of making this page if I'd remembered or bothered to look. - dc