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Betty Warren Photos and Memorabilia of Early Zen Center

Obtained from Betty's friend Marilyn Riley Hendee, executor of Betty's estate. Some are more recent photos of Betty from Marilyn. After security copies are made this will all go to the SFZC archives.

Thanks to Grahame Petchey for looking at these photos to help identify people. Thanks to Jack Elias for corroborating that that was Paul Alexander in two photos.

More identification of people in these photos should be done.

First Sesshin Remembrance   by Shunryu Suzuki

2nd Sesshin Remembrance

Early photos of and with Betty including some with Suzuki

Other early photos of Betty's - many with Suzuki

Photos of 1971 Spring Tassajara Shuso (head monk) Ceremony with Sotan Tatsugami Roshi - Shunryu Suzuki Roshi visiting.

More recent photos of and with Betty

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