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Suzuki Roshi Jan. '98 Disciple Meeting Index

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People who spoke at this meeting - in order of appearance

PW – Phillip Wilson
LK – Les Kaye
MW – Mel Weitsman
KT - Katherine Thanas
LR - Lew Richmond
RB – Richard Baker - links pending
DC –
David Chadwick
RA -
Reb Anderson
YR -
Yvonne Rand
BK - Bill Kwong
PS: – Peter Schneider
DW - Dan Welch - links pending
BW: –
Betty Warren
JS: – Jane Schneider
DG – Della Goertz

SW - Steve Weintraub
EB - Edward Brown
AD - Ananda Dalenberg

DC note about this and other disciples' meetings

January 3 & 4, 1998, at the Berkeley Zen Center (I think) - dc

I might not ever get to it, but I need to go over these tapes to fill in some blanks and to check to see that who's saying what is accurately presented, hopefully getting some names where there is this: ??:

The disciples group included those ordained as priests by Shunryu Suzuki. Katherine Thanas, Yvonne Rand, Betty Warren, Jane Schneider, Steve Weintraub, and Della Goertz were invited to attend because they were close Students of Suzuki. There are many others who were equally deserving to be invited as well but we wanted to keep the meetings at a manageable size.

As I remember it, this whole thing was Lew Richmond's idea and then Peter Schneider put the most energy into it, acting like the group secretary. This might have been our first meeting. There were another four or so. I think this is the only one that Bill Kwong, Yvonne Rand, and Reb Anderson came to as well as these guests except for Jane Schneider who sometimes came with Peter. This is the only meeting that was recorded. Richard Baker and Dan Welch were enthusiastic participants and came from a considerable distance.

Just to complete the list of disciples, those not there or who didn't speak were Grahame Petchey, Ananda Claude Dalenberg, Silas Hoadley, Paul Discoe, Edward Brown, Angie Runyon [I must have something from Angie somewhere], Jean Ross who we'd lost contact with and who had died. He'd also ordained Ron [interview not entered yet] and Joyce Browning before they went to Japan though neither returned to be his students. Two earlier students who might be included in this list because they, like Jean, were ordained for Suzuki by priests in Japan, are Bill McNeil and Bob Hense, both did not continue and who died long ago. In Japan his son Hoitsu and Shoko Okamoto for Shoko's father so he could be abbot of Suzuki's temple Zounin (or something like that).

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