Shunryu Suzuki video is all at and Youtube Cuke Archives but here there are links to that and some transcripts and comments from films

There's no video on but will be putting any other video comments or links herein that don't belong on the page linked to above when the time comes.


Shunryu Suzuki audio - a little bit of Suzuki audio was put on cuke before put it all on.

box_cov.jpg (43837 bytes)The Way of Eiheiji page  - sounds from the great historic Japanese temple recorded by Elsie and John Mitchell in the late fifties.

Listen to the Way of Eiheiji here.



Heart Sutra chanted at Sokoji June 13, 1966 before Suzuki lecture 66-06-13 B

Video with Heart Sutra chanted at Sokoji from KQED 1968 film, Zen Mt. Center

It's on the Way of Eiheiji (above) recordings too.

Audio of talk by Carl Bielefeldt  - Transcript of talk he gave on Suzuki at Tassajara July 21, 1999 - Carl Bielefeldt page

Rick Levine sent these - Read more about them on Rick Levine's cuke page

Edward Conze at the SFZC City Center c. 1972 - part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 - Emminent Buddhist scholar

Charles Leong (audio) MP3-24k (7.5 Mgs) - MP3-48k (15 Mgs) - about Reed College

LLoyd Reynolds talk at the SFZC City Center - Famed calligraphy and philosophy prof at Reed (distorted some by noise reduction)

Alice and Richard Haspray interviews - audio links from their cuke page

Interview with Katharine Cook on KWMR radio in Pont Reyes, CA, interviewed by Lyons Filmer with Peter Martinelli commenting. - Katharine Cook

Dan Welch on the shuso ceremony - don't know date or location

The Duration of Buddha Sasana - a talk by Moneyya

Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart's famed No Frames, No Boundaries Talk - more on this talk at a page herein for Rusty

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