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for more of Barton's poetry, check Writing - a department of cuke-The-arts
I'll try to get Barton's poems all together in one place - there's more in cuke than this/

3-05-09 - Please Remember by Barton Stone

As we head over this precipice together,
please remember your original face.
I know they say
to talk about it with words
is to move farther from it,

But how far away could you ever be
from that gentleness you were
before your birth, or from that warm dark Mother
Who fashioned you of mud and blood,
Who kissed and pinched your apple cheeks,
and sent you wide awake
into this world of ten thousand things?

Today your original face
is a soft cricket on the hardwood floor,
rain coming from the west,
the green fuse force of leaves and sun,
and yes, that fear of falling, falling.

In other words, nothing.
More or less than
all of it, exactly as it is,
alive and with you all the way


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