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Writing - a department of cuke-The-arts

12-16-08 - This Wondrous Dharma by Barton Stone

The dharma of thusness has been passed down to you face to face from star-stuff Buddhas of old.

Now it roams the mountain like a hermit, like a shadow, like a breeze.

Now it is a crow on the hillside, with multitudes of verdant monks in
attendance, ready to receive it.

It gushes from this birth canal, winged gateway of all the Buddhas,
passing bone to bone, blood to blood.

This dharma wears black robes in candlelight and smells of sandalwood.

Though it can’t be grasped, it is closer than the one who wants it.

It comes through death, hatred, and betrayal, through minds mad with

This dharma comes from breathless lovers, transmitted belly to belly,
mind to mind, behind all words.

It is not diminished by failure, grief or boredom.

This dharma is a dewdrop on a lupine leaf, a river in a dry, dry land.

The dharma of thusness welcomes you, guilt and all, nothing extra,
nothing lacking.

It is the clear bell behind your preferences.

Now you have it. Preserve it well.

Barton Stone 2008

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