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January 11


64-01-11 - notes


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5) 'i'here is a new schedule for &lnday: zazen is now held from 
eight to nine a m and lecture by Reverend al suki from nine to ten 
a m. It was suggested that this be posted -tye Wind?ell. 
Warren a Iso suggested that therein be posted that the ordinary 
weekday rule of no zazen on calendar days containing either a four 
or a nine does not hold on SunÚays. i'hat is, there is always zazen 
on &mdays, whether it is a four or a nine day or not.



February 1, 1964




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of the Business Meeting of February 1, 1964. 
- rasteee Fresent: Grahame ?etchey, Betty Warren, Richard Baker, 
Jean Ross, Philip Wilson, Al Levinson, Della 
Members Present: 
Chests Present: 
Goertz, Trudy Dixon. 
Pat Herreshoff, Harold Fore, Pam Paul 
Alexander, Pauline Fetchey, Claud Dalenburg, Mike 
Dixon, Norm Stiegelmeyer, Dill Kwong, Girmy Baker. 
Reverend a.lguld, J.J. Wilson, Sally Baker.



March 7, 1964

64-03-07 - Katagiri is in Bay Area (from LA). Will stay with [Ira] Price, Jodo Shin Shu priest as I recall. Umada = Yamada; Susuki


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Minutes of the Business 1,1eet1ng of March 7 , 
Reverend Qasuki 
Trustees: Philip Wilson, Betty Vlarren, Graham Petchey, Dick Baker, 
Members : 
Jean Ross, Bill Kwong, Mike and TTŘ6y Dixon. 
Claud Calenturg, Seiyo Tsuj 
J.D. Wilson.


Machine generated alternative text:
next item of business, brought up by Betty Warren, was the 
scheduling of the next sesshin° The week-end of April 25th and 26th 
was chosen. Dick Faker asked Reverend a.rsuki if we would not I & to 
invite Bishop come up from Los Angelos to lead our sesshin 
this time. Reverend said it was a good idea if he can come. 
J.J. Wilson said that perhaps there was a main temple holiday during 
Aoril. If he came at such a time, he could lead the ceremonies for the 
Jńpaneee congregation too, which, as •asuki pointed out, 
would please them bert much. However, euch a ceremorv would interrupt 
the guncay of sesshin, thug short,- ening further an already short 
seeshin. Financially, it would help Zen Center; Secause the Japanese 
group would help pay EiEhop Pdmadais expenses, but for the sake of 
a continuous sesshin, it would be better to invite him for a non-hol- 
ray week-end. Thus April 25th and 26th was decided upon, rather than 
April 12th which is Buddha t e birthday. If it is agreeable to Bishop


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The presid ent then brought up the next item of business, which 
concerned Reverend Katag•iri, who is now in San Francisco a 
Susuki said that he will now- Ze living this area and would like to 
help ue from time to Šimet but Zhat at the moment he needs some finan- 
clau help. Jean Ross mentioned the great help he extended to her in 
Japan, what a strong and good person he was, and how fortunate we 
were to hi,ve him here. said that one could not ask for a better 
sist,ant for Reverend Susuki. At oregent he is staying at Reverend 
Price's, where he does not have to pay rent. 'fle also received offers 
to stay with them if he needs too 
from Grahame Petchey and 
Reverend Katagiri is still z member of the Los Angelos temple, but 
both Bishop Umada and the Soto head-quarters approved his coming to 
San Francieco in order to further his study of English. Reverend eas- 
uki said he would have to consult further with Bishop Řmada to see if 
Reverend Katagiri could stay on here as an assistant. Philip Wilson 
suggested we vote an irmediate emergency fund of 100 dollars to help 
him out at present. Dick Baker made a resolution to that effect, second 
ed by Grahame Petchey, and the vote carried.


Machine generated alternative text:
The next item of business was the matter of the basis for member- 
ship in Zen Center. Dick Baker recommendee that perhaps it be taken off 
a financial basis at all, and that prospective members just come to a 
meeting and be voted in by Šmbers.. Perhaps there should be some kind of 
minimum pledge, since the main voting i esueg concern the delegation of 
Zen Center funds. Reverend Susuki was asked how the Japanese group decided 
membership. He.. said that if they contributed $10.00 a year, then they were 
considered members and could vote. It was gene 11 felt by those present 
that this would b 
good plan for Zen Centernme:n ership. Philip Wilson 
pointed out tha em ere 
in Zen Center is a purely practical affair. 
You do not have to bee er to sit at the Zenńo or attend sesshins. 
&mbership just indicates that you wieh▀ to hemp Zen Center financially) 
and if you likewise attend meetings, to help it carry out its practical 
business. active members is neceseary, Dick Baker pointed out, 
at euch a time when some critical financial issue ooaes up, and only active 
members should vote. (I.e. under the plan being considered, only those 
contributing $10.00 or mo╔e a year). Anyone can come to Zen Center Ipeet- 
ings if they are interested. And certainly those who plan to attend sesshm 
for example, should be allowed to vote as to its scheduling, etc 0 it would 
only be if some critical issue that involved perhaps the spending of a 
coneiderable sum of money arose, that it would be asked before the vote 
that only Zen Center members vote, ( though of course ideas and 
discussion from everyoocy would be welcome 0 ) Dick Baker suggested that 
the Constitution should be checked to see what change of worń ng would 
be necessary, and that we should vot



March 21, 1964



64-03-21 - Suzuki announces Katagiri is definitely staying on as his assistant.

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: Reverend 32suki, ?.everend Kataairi 
trustees: Philip 1.711 eon, Betty T'larren, Graham Petchey, Riehard 
11 Kwong, Mike Dixon 
Baker, jean Ross, 
Members: Della GŠrtz 
I) This meeting was called by ReverenÚ Susuki in order to announcÚ 
that Reverend Katagiri would eefintely be joining Sokoji Temple as an 
- geietant priest. Zen Center v:anted to contribute to the support of 
such a welcome addition, and it was felt that $150.00 
a month would suffice. A discussion followed about to how to meet this.


Sunday 3-22


Machine generated alternative text:
1.7 here was further discussion of what should constitute membership 
ane voting It was agreed as was decided the day before, 
that to be a member of Zen Center it is necessary to contribute at 
least $10.00 a year, b',it that to be a voting member further qualifica— 
Lione should be necÚseary. It was felt that voting members should be 
in eorne way active participants in the aff2irs of the Center.. 
It v:as therefore euggested that to be a voting member, a zen Center 
member participate actively in the zeninistrzt,ive functions of the 
Center Idr at leaet two months. This means in effect that 'ae attend at 
least two -regular business meet,irce after filling out hie pledge. 
A Z'..'_alification considered was his- voting-priv*Úge be in some 
way dependent upon the approval of Reverend 31stki. Dick E?.ker pointed 
out •that, it would cui te possible for some group to take over zen 
or so attend several 
Center simply by having- a half a cozen 
One way to avoid such a conc.ingency ou1d be to heve 
nee tangs . 
ceruire the en÷orsement of Reverend AnotlE r 
vozlng -nembersl,ip 
and preferabl'way would be give the Board of Trustees the 
power to veto arv vote made at a general meeting, and have the approval 
of Rev. ňasuki necessary for the notiinatlon of trustyees. This latter 
suggestion would do away with the need to have all voting members eo 
approved ( which incur unnecesearv embarasement or triviality..) 
It was felt that instances wherein the voting power would be abused 
could be very rare, but that it would be wise to take care of such an 
eventuality imadvance.



 April 11, 1964


64-04-11 - East Wind Printers to do Wind Bells from then on.


Machine generated alternative text:
Trudy Dixon read a new letter from Mr. Moran, who had written regarding 
the possibility of doing a program of music at the Sokoji Auditorium 
In his second le▒ter he stated that he would simply Like to show hi 3 
program for Zen Center. Reverend Suzuki suggested that he be notified 
to contact Hirano) who is in charge of the auditorium and arrange a 
4) grahame Petchey reported that Reverend Price had reques ted that Len 
Center participate in the Wesak Service to be held in the Shin Temple 
the first week in may. Reverend Price wants our group to say a chant or 
sutra. Reverend Suzuki said that there should be more consuLtation wi th 
Reverend Price before deciding what to do about this service. 
5) Richard Baker suggested that we start morning zazen fifteen minutes 
earlier each day in order to allow those who have to leave early to say 
the sutra before going. Reverend Suzuki said that it was all right if 
you had to leave ear L y, and that it would be beg t to leave it aa it 
iB for a little while longer at least.



May 2, 1964




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Under new business, Trudy Dixon suggested that for future 
sesshins sandwiches and soup be served for the Iridday 
Gal to cut down on and confusion in the kitchen. She 
felt that the enphasis should be on simple realg quickly 
prepared, and said that kitchen service was for her person— 
ally at least, often a strain. RevernÚd Suzuki said that this 
was quite usual, and that vas in monasteries in Japan, only 
the most sincere students were put on kitchen duty. He said 
that for sesshins which include a Sunday, it my be better 
to prepare sinple meal in advance, as often the Japanese 
group uses the kitchen on that day. But for other days, the 
general feeling of the group was that a regular should 
be prepared for lunch as has been done in the past. Jean Ross, 
hoŠver, suggested that one person be put in charge of assign— 
ing duties in the kitchen. She let people mow well in 
advance when they would be needed, and arrange so that no more 
than the necessary number be in the kitchen at any one tine, 
(perhaps three or four to prepare the real, and uaen when the 
gong sounds, others would conŠ to help serve it.) Jean also felt 
that a good person to be so in charge would be Betty Warren 
who has done such excellent job in managing kitchen affairs 
in the past. It was generally felt that a greater enphasis 
on quiet in the kitchen would be commendable. 
Dick Baker suggested that npn be included in kitchen 
staffing, though not on the levels of cormnand. Philip Wilson 
felt just the opposite; Jean Ross felt that, one way or the other, 
the presence of a male in the kitchen contributed a certain 
stabilizing influence. At any rate, the person in charge would 
decide upon who was necessary at any one tine and let them


Machine generated alternative text:
11) zuk announceC z 
Soto Zen Conference 
erey S.F. to be held T, California on 
to v;hlch we should 1 plan to attend if poesibleo 
for room (would hold two) and food. 
for L.A 
June 6th 7th 
Zhe coet 'u; our. be 
12) The 'Resak Ceremony celebrating 2uÚChats birth,znlighteŠent, and 
'Tirvana, planned far May 24th by Reverend Erice was discussed. It 
to be determined if and -to what extent Zen Center should particip te. 
3-tzuki and Philip Wilson agreed to go and talk to Reverend 
Frice more m 1 Iy abut his plans.



June 13, 1964




Machine generated alternative text:
gait that because of the 
1) Reverend 
Temple, woul÷ have to change the date of 
decaee that, August 10th through Aaguet 16th 
Baker eald he v:tuld it definite in the 
30th anniversary for Sokoji 
the week seeehin. It was 
would be best date. 
r_ext, Wind Bell.


Machine generated alternative text:
4) aeverer_d Susu<i Xt brought up 
ect of letter never- 
le buildirc• 
who to 
ye needs .$I,C35.CC v-ant,s to have several 
Sokcji me.mbere 
. the Eoard of' 
ssa felt that it is a 
good idea to haue a-f place to go as z retre.4+„, as in England. 
Phi 1 {p i'.!ileon was e ubious because of the t i stance from hereijl but en— 
couragee by hi s move towart Sokoji. E hi Zip felt that 't:e should cert— 
ainly encourage hia, ane rive some money, not get involved 
legaliy. Claude suggesteC turning the "ousinees over to the Y. E. A. 
eaiC that he will consult with Bishop Yamada; it is 
less a matter of the money, than of the Rever— 
end MacDonough is a Soto Pri est. Dave Hazelwood felt that it would be 
beet to give to show good will, but perheps not became invol- 
vee in the organization. Philip felt that it was re cessary to conÚider 
the Monterey group too, ane that perhaps the should be South 
sp that they could participate. It was eciC.2t to send a letter to 
Rev. Yac▄onouch5 our support of retreat there, and sending Q 
doaŠtiong of $40. CC from Zen Laze? A euggest the but not 
In x,his letter.



August 1, 1964


64-08-01 - As for the number of Buddhists at the time, I tend to agree with the article in the paper which said there were 4000 in San Francisco. This was doubted by some at the meeting but think of all the Asians and non-affiliated. I'd guess more than 4k.

Machine generated alternative text:
3) New BuÚiness; Frank Jonas ggesteC that Zen Center start a 
study group and gave as an example Douglas Burns t 
a H.inayana group, which meets regularly for group scussions. 
Possibly in fh„'ture he felt that the study grou zen Center 
might form) could Yave speakers come too. Phillip pointed out 
that Zen Center has a meet-ing each Wednesday evening for study 
of the Hekigan Roku or Blue Cliff keccyds book, but Frank said 
that What he had in mind was a more informal gathering that was 
not a lecture, but a group discussion. He requested permission 
to start one and to have it announced in the next issue of the 
Wind Bell. Jean suggested ae a starter that all t.hoee intereeted 
should come to the Temple at 6 p.m. , the following 
August 5, and meÚt to go out to cupper at a Japanese restaurant, 
where they could talk around the table. Reverend al zuki E aid 
that if, in the future* we are able to use the northwest corner 
of the balcony for a then it could be used 
for discussions too. It needs light, however, and it may cost 
ae mch as $500.00 to put in a window. Grahame suggested that 
someone make a thorough study of the tot─L cost before the Center 
should try and decide whether it was a possible pro; ect or not, 
and Silas volunteered to do this. Arm Combs pointed out that 
if it is arywhere near that expensive, Zen Center should not 
consider It, since we are to move to a nav temple in several 
years. Phil Lip caid that meanwhile we ehoulÚ. proceed the 
1 i brary and use electricity ae there are cutlets there. 
. Zhe discussion 
salt that She and Mike would


Machine generated alternative text:
4) Z'ruńy then read a list of sesshin regulations for 
on the Zune tin board. Betty Warren felt that some on 
about clcthes should be i rcluded was done in the past list 
printed in the CJ1y—Auguet WindEe11 of laet Clothes 
should p.ot be too tright•. holes the stocklrgs should be 
eschewed, and women should wear wide eldrts. I-len also night 
most beneficial to wear loose-fitting trousers. Rev. 
Suzuki felt that cldthing should be clean ane tidy. Irene 
Horowitz, 'Mho {s e. visitor vdth us for awhile from the First 
zen Institute in New York City, said that there they have stand— 
ard sitting—robes, imported from Japan, at 2 cost of $12,00 
each; they were of stiff beavy cotton; each member had his own, 
which he kept at the Temple to use at his own option. Reverend 
aazuki said t he and Reverend Katagiri hae diecugged the 
poeeibility of me kind of skirt to be available for either 
women or men who might need them. Many problems are involved foi' 
zen Ceri er: woulń we make them or buy them? what style? where to 
store them where to change Into them? etc. The 
question of standard •sitting clothing Cor. ZÚn Center was set aside 
for the nature , when, possibly; answers to these problems may 
present themselves e


Machine generated alternative text:
5) irene Edrowitz aeked about the story in the newspaper the 
evening before, a copy of which had beep pitmeń on the 
board. It concerned recent visit from the 
taries Of Kamakura University. Irene mad two questions; wera 
they indeed Zen Masters as the paper reported, and was it -rÚA11Y• 
true that. •at the present there are -4,000 practicing Zen PutdhistS 
ih San. Francisco, whIeh the* paper also asserted. AS to the q {Omer 
question, Reverend / aizuk▒ said that the president of the VŘňŘer— 
sit,y was ňIso a Zen master; thńt the other gentleman was- the 
Dean, and the third a priest. As to the latter question, it was 
Simply not' true that there are 4,000. Frank Jonas also pointed 
out that there was also an error in what they said about ng 
lectures at Christian cmrches. geverer,e aazuki said that 
it was &20Et impossible to bňve correct on printed, 
because of the great liability for misunderstanding. He said frat 
publicity Ig but that we should not discuss it to-O 
rmeh, and if it comes out ruaong, we ear; only ignore it; whatevňr 
they: say, they what important is always to. preserve 'the 
constant right way. 'Prank _ saiń he felt we 3_zard 
false publicity; Grahame pointed out that we have a public. re— 
lations manager, but it IS not always possible on the spur at the 
moment to arrange to have her there, and reporters talk to- anywone. 
Reverend azzuld said it wag almost impossible to guard agňnst 
it; each time there "is une :nietake, so if we concern ourselves 
about it too m'dCh it may just be a waste of time. Grahene point— 
ed out 'Ohat at leaet it is a good idea to write it out, EO that 
we rave a record of what we have reported before they edit. 
Reverend Suzuki said t?at, It be better just to keep silentl 
6) neverend Sazuki, in answer to a questi on from Betty, said that 
to from be from am 
it woulÚ for those sleeping- in which cage



September 12, 1964


64-09-12 - "Rev. Suzuki suggested as another way of raising money the possibility of Z.C. sponsoring a movie benefit, but he also felt that the primary concern of ZC was not to raise more money but to study more Buddhism. That was where our time and effort should go."

"Notice by Reverend Suzuki of his forthcoming trip to Boston to visit Elsie Mitchell in Cambridge."

Machine generated alternative text:
The Old mtBineegs -ef the day eoncerned the making •f the 
west corner ef the theatre balcony ef Sekoňi Tenple int. a ii>ra╔y 
for Zen Center. "her library I.eatlon° (guck ae tie Zen.lkai 
the storage room the left of"the Zemkai Room, the basement, 
the organ, public librariee at large) were guceeted, 
•f its rexiniiy t' Reverend g office the A-in 
er Zen genter traffic, the balconwc°rner was e•nd dered the "at 
site, despite formidable renovation diffieultleg. Chief anon' the 
latter were the dual preblems of aduqzate room ari light. Adequate


Machine generated alternative text:
4) Under •y hsinees, the firet item wag a Bicestion by Ernie 
Davin to raise for Zen Center by putting on a bazaar jointay 
with the Japanese We could, fer example, have 50<—- 
-a—plate dinners, booths, etc in the auditoriu• •f 
Sokojl with the seats removed. The desirability of such would 
not enl-y be the funds raised, ao Pat pointed out, it be 
sonething the Japanese and Caucasian groups could share in, 
bringing then closer together ( an "J ective mck d╔ cussed at tb 
Aeil•ur CortereŠe ef last su—er) Ewever,- after sue diggugg— 
ion it wag genera Iy felt tut at lett at the present such a plan 
was not feaeible for Zen Center. was because of the k_▀k 
tine enough people te do although should the Japanese 
eong•ezaň on initiate such a ture, we would be te help 
we could. Phillip also felt that want 
such as an habitual way of 001 lecting money, Grahue 
pointed out tkt we are not all that meh in the hole; even if we 
are net saving, we are at least •eeting e.engee. Reverend 
suggested as another way of raising money the pegsiMIity ef Z.C. 
gp•ngerlng a revie benefit, ht. he •180 felt that the prizaw 
c.ncern of Z.c• wae net raise more money ht t. study •ere 
wag where ou╔ tine effort *ouId go. If we lack 
noney, it is better rather thn trying to rd ee rere, t. cut off 
expense°. The traditional way iB to add more water the 
gruel. Irene did egest tht we could. have smaller breakfasts:


 Machine generated alternative text:
5) The meeting with D •e •iseellaneeue business a suzgegň on 
that the kiehen be wa*ea, which Diek,who hag perfomed 
the operation sueceB8fuIiy in the past, v.luneered t' 
decision to held the next eesshin •n Septenber 
a suggestion that an announcement •f each meeting p•eteń 
•n the one week in advane•, aM that the preeen 
of •n the first •f each month held t', unle B 
notice%anceilatien ene week in advance; 
notice by Reverend S_tzuki •f his forthuning trip t' Bosun t. 
visit Elsie Mitchell in Cambridge.



October 3, 1964




 Machine generated alternative text:
2) Under old business, Trudy said •that the aha and Mike han 
hoped t.' get to work en the library corner of the bal coney wag 
not able to de it. There was another possibility knew ef 
in Sausalito who might be able to do it for 3. CO or $3.50/h. 
suggested that before hiring, we should nake a centraet 
with the carpenter via his estimate of amount of tine it 
would i rvolve. Reverend S.zzuki suggested a Japanese c▄penter, 
Okada, who be aue to do it, or at least might he willing 
to look at the make an estimate of what It would invo> e. 
Seiyo went over in the middle of the meetirz to try contact 
Mr. Okada, but, was unsuccessN1. Reverend Sazukl said he would 
get in touch with him.


 Machine generated alternative text:
4) Irene aeked ae the next item of re-w if bbne of 
storage place for clothee could not arranged for at 
pogsibly the closet in the zendo, a hx or chest 
the TeQIe 
in the room off the kitchen or a bureau in the basement. Ae 
Reverend azzuki Ind no objection, IreŠ Jean said that they 
would work scnething out.


64-11-07 - Chick Reeder is at the meeting. In response to a query for something from Chick for cuke, he responded with this which is posted in cuke interviews. Mike Dixon does the minutes and makes mistakes in the spelling of his own name more than once.


December 12, 1964




 Machine generated alternative text:
Old Business: The Library: 
brochures arrived: price lists of cards, etc. 
Remodel ling: no estimate yet; 
also not known how long it will be pos 
ble Co occupy this building 
perhaps 4 or 5 years, so remodel 1: 
should not be too expensive. 
Jean Ross bolunteered to Look in Second hand stores for 
inexpensive cabinet. As for best location for cabinet when pur- 
chased, fol Lowing suggestions made and consented to by Rev. Suzuk 
along East wall of office, in meditation hall behind door, under 
bulletin board.

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