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Shunryu Suzuki and points of interest
in early SFZC Board Notes
with link to PDF of source and some brief notes on some made in 2013 on this page: SFZC board notes by meeting and year
1962-3 - 1964 - 1965 - 1966 - 1969 - 1970

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Couldn't find any board notes from September 1966 till December 1968. - dc





68-12-19 - They're discussing the future of the building - none of it pans out. Before the coming year is up they'll be at Page St. and the Japanese American congregation will later move to a new building. Talk of developing a school. Comments on this and more by Suzuki. John Sunier Tassajara movie mentioned. Sent him a friend request on Facebook. Got no answer.






Machine generated alternative text:
Roshi: yesterday a visitor from Japan came 0 A very reliable designer
of religioag objectG. He talked with Roshi about Paula '2he man
is to accept Paul as a student/helpero Roshi-has a friend
head of Weseda University. He has an apart:nent where Faul
can stay. There is someone who can interpret for Paul. Also a
few young men who upeek English.


Machine generated alternative text:
Branch Zendos: Roshi: more trouble for Zen Center to have Berkeley
zendo part of Zen Center, But for now maybe better.
Peter: I urn unhappy about Zen Center taking on more administrative
work e Perhp�s better if Berkeley incorporated as a separate
corporation sole with Roshl ultimately in ohar�ge.
Discussion: leave situation as it is, Let the group In Berkeley
work it
Peter: should we try to copy rite "Zen Center"?
the Branch zendos think that I tossed them out. Actually
oshi :
is up to them to become a parto That Will happen when there
I want them to come closee when
are more, stronger students,
ha are ready. (Not an exact quote


Machine generated alternative text:
We want to add another period of zazen
f Clsude proposed 5:00 —5: LYO a.m. zazen
50 kinhln
5: 50—6: 30 zazen
6230—7: 05 service
— •fighlm—a good idem
the SF
do not bow to the -floor.
Letis take out the 1st
-cores of benches arid have service d0WQsta1is in the main hallo
WII 1 ask at Sokoji. meeting tommorrow.
start after sesshino
all in favor.
try to keep informed about what we are zorlting on.
shi :
Housing ;
as is anyone who apks on it'? How to decide 0
Claude: waiting 11 st.
proposed that we have a committee inc the officers who are in San
Francisco end Bob Hal pern to make the prelil�lnary recommendations o
then subnit the recommendations to Hoshi, then that list, aflter
i it has been approved will be given to housing manager.
vr�re in r alior.
Claude: Hoshi—can we have more students carry the stick. ? also
to do the sax—rice.


Bylaws of the San Francisco Zen Center 1968

Machine generated alternative text:
Article Section
The officers shall include a president, at least
one vice—president, a secretary and a treasurer.
(Currently reads: The officers shall Include a
president, a vice—president, a secretary, and a
tl'�asnrcr. )
Section V
There shall be as many vice—presidents as the
Board of Directors and the Chief Priest deem
necessary. The vice—president(s) shall have such
powers and perform such duties as the Eoard of
Directors and the Chief Priest may from tine to
tine prescribe and shall perform such other duties
The Eoard
as nay be prescribed in these by—laws.
Of Directors and the Chief Priest shall appoint a
first vice—oresldent and in the absence or Ina MI—
Ity to act bf the -president the first vice pres—
ident shall perform all duties and may exercise
any of the powers o? the president, subject to the
control of the Board of Directors and the Chief





69-03-31 - Talk about Abbot Shunryu Suzuki signing Board resolutions or not and talk about Jean Ross being shuso soon, whether to leave Sokoji or not, Richard Baker in Japan with Suzuki comments.

Long discussion about whether Suzuki should sign off on board notes.


Machine generated alternative text:
Roshi— nom— there is no need to *ign. If something ham-lens and
a need , you have th2t feeling, then I aign„
Being here to yau establish American Zen— Em not forc
I am not to the Japznese of the
time I don't
special idea about novi things should be.
If 1 hexe ean_1A feeling about how things should be end find I
am right diseuss it and ask you to discuss it.
ffhe ad veal—z_
to ray signing tha minutes io I have io be more
if I am signing my name t c them. CIRude s proposed my signin__
maybe beeauge he is thinking of the future. Right novo may ba t or,

Discussion of plans for remodeling of Sokoji which have been dropped and finding new building. Building committee has not yet met.  Suzuki presents some ideas of Japanese members.


Suzuki wants Jean Ross to be fall shuso. [There was no shuso the prior spring because he was waiting for her]


Machine generated alternative text:
Rcshi— y cu ghouL�_ be %'hu�o because that; our -AL art. As
know the vi.reurest'.mees z t and Jean 1 3 tick
that idea.
If you ca
n give me some onc i. i.-•�y-
rro• i ace


Machine generated alternative text:
Roshi— it i G all. riEh� have no chueo for this training perio�e
4) more etudents.; for stick andsem-lce?
Roshi— need
is the
5:00 a.m. period a fomal period? Eiorning gre�tin:r
given now at •that period.
Roehi— bet terr to have. greeting 2nd period.
No student should make the
women the stick? Roehi— we Can it.
Peter— doesn't work at ffzscajclra.
Roshi— ask the v.'omenx if they •,vant to do its
J aan— personally i feel a hesi
ask Jane


Talk about benefit concerts


Machine generated alternative text:
L.hc Chrigtcphar ? rec concert lost 34. CO
the J 2112nese c we received ncticcs
its nursuina a few more times.
widely accescible to more
01 i city reacr,ed
in the
we ohauL� find
playe him to give
I'll ask him,
Roghi— he might to.


Machine generated alternative text:
1969 L\oard Cilief priest
Lou Harrison example
Lou Karri son Korean and Japanese Chinese:
Opera. He's on e cf re 1 i Elou•e in
St. Zedea Episcooa1e2fi Church. He us: to do
chanting meal sutra5 etc ag part of the
�eicil i F', concerned much o: profane use of chantlrlg
asp If we do it, without
Itoghi— if Lou Is a sincere. person He should join him.
Peter— let nzv-xd Chadwick organize it. ghat dc of
the religiouG souldG—eg bells,
Han, d mm.
Silas— have Peter over—zee i •t.


Machine generated alternative text:
E. 8 hidyiw,
•n J zyjun.
Whatever is•u- to study in the i e for othe-
reasons don't know.
I Dick for one oc zwo years to devote
nimself to personal s zudy. h 2 Can act e kind of arnbzssa�or
T.n ease ehould help
to J a van.
may ask him to help us.
him— with directly related expenses.
open ended f Inonoi81 Dick E ends expanses 2nd
nil 1 *end hira nee�e-
•c his judgment.
L s a : fait ao far. far Dick has;
in:o-med expeneee efZer they' re incurred.
Silas orooooed "400000 oer month— tbE.t should Be ta cover
epacial expenaes. back date from the beginning to
Send $400 :ai� for June.
211 in favor.
- Should we expect Dick to work part time up additional
e xpenses?
to have contact vnth the Japanese people in
lens-Dage tndy.
re don't have the to to
work. I might Guggest that as a friend—Gay after o monthc
of intenzive etudy .
Yeter— Dick is exceptional. Dick ".'i11 -oe invaLuaE1e in a few years.
for American
Zen in Japan. Eiig ener�,r et Tag
d i f Terence for Zen in Ancrioa. be able to
Open things J don' •i; unders Dick works, I don't
work way , he' � invaluable .
SHas— wan-ts to handle financial arranzcrnentG with Dick.


Machine generated alternative text:
Roshl— Dick is not an emplayeeo
We sent him to Japan because of his
potentiality.. think he will be s good prteet/or Zen Buddhist.
2hat {s tha reasons
wants to *uppore someone
hl:a. Not hecause he w 1 Z 1 help Tagsa.lara, because want eo help
Zan Anerlca- and he n ill help Zen in America. OT course in the
futurw he will help to support at the same time. Develop
Also he will hexpZ to develop
will understand It In that way. Right now we are
problems Nost Inporeant thins i s
We are liable to loose this point
peter— i C DI cr i e student then he should not be
Center in Japan
Roshi- I went him to devote himself' to his study.
buslnes$, 9.3 z-,uch ac poesibLe, right now,
when Dick agked us why tie Were sending him
him to eo
2— because wanted him to go for Zen Center.
Eventually ha
Inv.rcl•v-ed in
Tassaiara now.
doing any Zen
Not do Zen Center
to japan
we 're sending him titere a tudy Buddhio. What ever that means to
him we have to trust.
Tim— How are we going to send him his ?
SiEs will take care of it. All •vtere in f qvors




69-05-07 - Lots of interesting discussion. Suzuki comes in toward the end.

Machine generated alternative text:
Claude— thinking of resigning. working with Roshl Is very difficult,
and knowing whet he wants extraordinarily difficult.
Taking care of gan Francisco Is
p tant should be
done by G 0-ieone Who knows h Who Can find out
what he and who knows what Zen eenter wants-- end I


Talk about priest and lay


Machine generated alternative text:
Claude— How many of you consider yourse�vas desciples.
I don't
go along with Roshi Ism— centering Zen Center practice around Roshi,
what he wants.
someone el sets practice, A lay Sangha orientation. At the level
of Zen Center organization if Hoshi says or wants something 1 don't
agree with I r 11 speak out.
Silas— our practice has to include 211 of the possibili ties.
Peter- Claude, you represent the majority of people at Zen Center
who are not Roshi centered. But are Sangha—centered, teaching centered.
personal problems centered, etc.
Claude— I Z ve been with Zen Center someway or another for nearly
In the beginning Roshi was primarily en advisor— he didntt
20 years.
Form we have now— Chief Priest cf Zen Center
even come to meetings.
1 E Hoshi centered, The the Board meets separately and makes
separate decisions 0 But in fact we 're suggesting— Roshi make the
Originally the students made the choices.
final choices e
Peter- I r m talking about you�re staying within the center of Zen Center
The function that you have you ire not happy with perhaps
another would be better.
I feel that
Claude— have talked with Hoshi about becoming a Fri est.
the next person who takes the Job of San Francisco Zendo etc would
want to be a priest.
Peter, In WEI ting the history i have found that Roshiis way
he finds that hig d�sclples want to remain
has changed a 1 oe.
laymen he will accept that,


Machine generated alternative text:
Peter- allowing more feeling for Sangha in the city. May. be a lay
Sangha— and not a priestly Sangha. Thatrs why meetings are important.
whether noehi 1 ikes them cr not.
Idgrian— I agree— importance o? msetingg�



2pm - Suzuki present


Machine generated alternative text:
General members— sit for 3 months 'oefcre applying for General membership.
Hoshi— It is very difficult to understand new s tudents. There are
too cany. I cannot be so kind to them. So their first feel Ing
about Zen Center will not be so good. So definitely we must make
this point clear.
It is necessary that they understand why the
3 month waiting periodo



Talk about new students, Yoshimura, instruction


Machine generated alternative text:
we have Dick, myself, Jean, Phillip, soon Mel. l;ihat do we
call ourselves.
We have difficulty with the term priest.
Peter— it puts too much emphasiG cn uns�i— a ml. stake to call unswi
a priest 0
yes— It is mistake.


69-05-07 - Resolutions - one resolution that didn't happen was to buy a Volkswagen Bus for Tassajara. What were they thinking of? The road is too steep and grueling for a VW bus repeated use.




69-05-21 - Talk about housing which will change in half a year when they move to Page Street.

Listed as novice priests: Mel Weitsman, Dick Baker, Phillip Wilson, Jean Ross, Claude Dalenberg - in no particular order. Grahame Petchey not included because he wasn't part of the scene anymore.




Talk about Dick (Richard Baker) coming back in October for a few months and whether he should go to the East Coast to do fundraising. Mention of him doing a program at Esalen Inst.. Nobody knows quite what. Comments by Suzuki. Bylaws talk. Suzuki says he's told the Japanese congregation at Sokoji he's resigning. Discussions of moving but Claude and Silas haven't found 300 Page St. yet. Yvonne mentions using the Brooks land at Muir Beach - no connection to Green Gulch. That's where Charlotte Selver and Charles Brooks lived. [She left it to Norman Fischer when the SFZC wouldn't accept it with conditions, one being that Norman and Kathy live there.] Talk of a fund so that Suzuki can travel and study as a student. Silas read a letter from Erica Nimeh about doing that [Never heard of her]. Talk with Suzuki about tangaryo initiation. Yvonne mentions Nature Conservancy land they want caretaker for. That's where Bill Lane and __ went and how well they did impressed Huey Johnson and he's the one who suggested to George Wheelwright that he turn over Green Gulch to ZC.

Machine generated alternative text:
see ne
l€poxi$ideh"ce the
We've made-
and haw with •t
�shi* the pcin•tag to go own way. . That
•are succeeSfuI


Machine generated alternative text:
oonoemea�vith thingg which happen ri�ht nor. If we
we to Taega�ara too muoh may be bet*ir
to aohleve gny sod.


Machine generated alternative text:
P *ane


Talk about implications of Suzuki resigning. Where to go. Things to take care of.


Machine generated alternative text:
travel AB
opgregat\op to give the equ&


What's the word below on the 15th line down: "Perhaps we need a ???" Can you guess something?


Machine generated alternative text:
petty urture. variation
ve aeea giabliize ana *Itualize
do' _ iore
experienoe duriag guest season different
th� difference: in
should try to oonvlnee Students of why we
—ehii What Tongaryo? It
tind the value Of before we do
some of. deeper practxoe. NO one wants to an
lifes..: they of. itfe
begin other.
the. '„systea San W-ohang�•d' ifs'
should functAon AB a und Of initiation but it go—e�




69-07-16 - next day of 15th board meeting.

Talking about students accepted for practice period.


Machine generated alternative text:
Marian Roghtg • , phe vented , to be on
praotloe Big ohange
.very diff*oult for her to have Homal state' of' *Ind.
seemS her to acne to
be at - sop her
vnot• She 'does; too—






69-07-24 - "We resolve to buy the building at 300 Page Street." Mention of Marian Derby giving her house to the ZC [It was used to help buy building].



Talk of moving from Sokoji. Building committee.


Machine generated alternative text:
give it dlre�t•.ly
equity in it to Zen
through Zen Cent* ;


Machine generated alternative text:
HOW.' to hAng€ articleg -of"- Incorporation:
err orde
Roshl sign and authorize all changes. The cY•nges must
write 6h�.nges and�Werthimer an4*type
for si$-ni'ture.
Change 8 through to the state







69-09-01 - Mainly talk about the new building, 300 Page St., preparing to move in there, who will do so. Anne Armstrong wants to come to Tassajara as a student last week of September. OK if she doesn't do any readings. Anne was a well-known psychic a number of students including Richard Baker saw. See Anne Armstrong cuke interview.


New building (Page St) listed as #8 for meeting items.

Budget - cost $317



List of who's moving in or has applied


Machine generated alternative text:
Roghi' . Du' sohoduie — re oan not make much change ih
, will It easier't� york If they.
there. unat to etya the building to
Xeet or @hey_ because •in oy own
wh�t •are doing here ig be too diffiouit.
be in the new building— ge can hAte
7e Jap•�i'.v better. Sasier to do.
abn•t nea
use, 'thB'
Yana *gee



69-09-09 - and the tenth - almost nothing





69-09-17 - Report on letter from Kobun Chino to Shunryu Suzuki. Talk about member dues, supportg new priests, about the new building at Page St. where they haven't moved yet. Suzuki on sitting in the new building and Sokoji, the temple they'll be moving from. Suzuki on one day sesshin and oryoki and how many zazen periods to have in new building.










11-1 - at ZMC


69-11-01,2-  Long meeting, long notes. Lots of talk about SFZC students giving talks outside, bringing in more Japanese priests, outside lecturers and teachers, inviting Katagiri to stay. Marian Derby and Dick Baker talk about publishing (Zen Mind) Beginner's Mind book showing no disagreement, getting close to decision. Baker is in the states for a brief time from Japan where he was living. ZMBM published the following spring. Here's that discussion extracted to put in ZMBM section. Much more. Lots from Baker. Suzuki here and there. Getting ready to move into the Page Street building.


Suzuki, Yoshimura, Baker etc


Requests for people from ZC to teach outside classes












Some more material with the 69 board notes - ZC and Tass budget, Tass Guest info

1962-3 - 1964 - 1965 - 1966 - 1969 - 1970