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Shunryu Suzuki and points of interest
in early SFZC Board Notes
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66-02-26 - Only 85 books missing from the library. Quite a list of members present to elect the new president whom some would later call the Steve Jobs of ZC.

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Present : 
Reverend Suzuki , 
Reverend Katggiri.





66-04-02 - 25 to 30 sitting every morning. Up to 70 expected for sesshin. The sixties is getting into swing. One thousand Wind Bells being mailed out. First taping of Suzuki lectures runs into problems. The first one we have in July 26th - but there are still those missing Los Altos tapes that I feel bad I haven't followed up some leads on. Interesting first mention of Tassajara. Richard Baker has talked to the owner and plans to drive down there with "Reverend Suzuki. Rev. Katagiri."


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to have next week sesshin? Rev. Suzuki 
leave for Japan the end of August. The date was set for 
fifteenth to be tho beginning date of our sesshån. 
Mrs. Shalk and Mrs. Mitchell went to have Reverend Suzuki 
Aprz 2, 2 
have "to 
to visit 
for two week', , maybe from the twelth of this month to the 
twentieth. Their two groups each plan to have see shins at 
this time, lagtlng around three days each. With this In mind,


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What happened to the t apin&. of the Sunday.-lectures? For the first 
Sunday, the recorder didn't the second Sunday, the tape 
turned out fair; the thlo±d Sunday, a loud hum was overpowering . 
Silas suggested we consider buying new tape recorder. Dick will 
check on wholesale prices, And will lend his own for the next Sun— 
day lecture.


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We have been considering for some time purchasing land. 
an individual who owns what used to be Taeahara Hot Sprfrgs in the 
National Forest (Los Padres?) near Carmel, and this party is inter— 
ested in selling a par t ot It. 
It t g fairly inaccessible, nearly 
surrounded by federal property. One slight disadvantage is that 
the government reserves the right to march troups over the 1 md. 
However, they 1 ve only done so twice in the past twenty years. It 
seems a good idea to buy fifty acres or so. Reverend Suzuki, Rev. 
Katagiri and Dick Baker drive down to 100k et the land Thursday. 
Dick suggested that each of' of consider writing to friends of ours(t! ) 
who have the funds to donate towards the purchase of such land.





66-05-21 - More talk about buying land near Tassajara. They say it would take three and a half hours to drive there - four at the least back then - and over a day to walk from Big Sur - nope, I made it in nine hours. Suzuki asks about where Yasutani can hold a sesshin.

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OLd büglnegé;.. Reverend Suzuki gave a brief of h s 
trip the ast coast. He concluded by telling us that Mrs. Shalk 
will lead the weekly zazen gr up in Vermont tnti1 fiey have 
E.ome Philip will sit with them after he returns 
from -öapan. Philip may not stay much hnger, as reexs lack 
01 xuency -he apaneee language i g a real hinderence in contin— 
ulng his gtudy there. 
Until the combined Northampton-Cambridge 
group hag a pi est, Nev. Suzuki Reverend Kati girl will take turn 
visiting them four or five timeg a year.


Machine generated alternative text:
Pat Herreghöff brought up t e topic Tagahara Hot Springg 
under New business. What would be the purpoge of urchaging the 
land? Rev. Suzuki expla Ined his plan of building armnastary, a 
gpmtuaL center br tae 'arxous Sctc Zen groups in America. Both he 
and Dick felt that we might not get euch an opportunity to 
to qua L Iy ed vantageoug I ad, æd åouldnat mtgs thi3 chance. Befae 
we could build •nonagtary, we would build a small building for 
Ig c ked, would build 
sitting f or Z f ty or pople. Durand Kei fer 
Suzuki will spend at least three 
there on the condition that Rev. 
months of each par In residence tle 
Dick pointed out tat we must not forget cur re3p cnslbility to 
the Center here in the city 
SensRev. Suzuki would 11 ke young g•tæ to comeroom Japan to 
with ug on this land. 
It takes three aha If 
Dick had mapg of the area to show ug . 
It takes over a day to 
hours from Yere, tøo hours from bal Ina s. 
welk from the lad over the mountains to Big Sur. The land Is in 
parcel g of 160 a oree, firee parcel g, available for sale In smaller 
It Is surrounded by LOS Padres National Forest, and the 
portions . 
landscape wæ more beautiful than Hev. Suzuki had hoped, with each 
turn in the road bringing a new view of • i -Lgh mountains and canyons. 
Dick has heen land 9 ing ror an acre, but the 
has not been set.


Machine generated alternative text:
Claud explained that the recorder which e have has only one 
track , which ig wagtful if we Ian t to save -tie capes, Q t is ade— 
quate for 
It was decided that we make no decision 
concerning another recorder untie we ee 
what the response 
will be form the item in the W tnd Bell announcing the avail a— 
page two lap-eh c 1 
for lending to grot pg and Individuals.


Machine generated alternative text:
Soon we were back to the subject of buy 'ng the land. Mike 
felt we should be w ill ing to take legs than 160 acre; ; even 
a, couple of acres would be sufficient to build a structure 
for sitting. He also ag ed If there would be any possibility Of Soto 
Zen Headquartere helping us REV. Katagiri said they 
wouldn't donate money, but after we had built on the land, they 
probably would furnish some things for the Zendo there. 
It wag asked how ilßportant Isolation reaLy wag for a Zendc 
and Rev. Suzuki explained how one environment, no matter how care— 
fully planned, is influenced by its surroundings. 
Someone might 
build a struture that would change the feeling we had created in 
the zx atmosphere. 
Also, there is the advantage In thig land of being able to use 
the surrounding federal land for hiking. 
There was some discussion about our responsibility to thig Zen 
CEnter In SAn FHancisco, Toni wondering if we shouldn't be ready bo 
change and not be attached to the idea of some particular group or 
location. But Dick explained that we cannot 
build such a ruonagtary, or Zend0 In the mountains if we did not have 
the Center in the city to help finance it. Marion Derby brought upz 
the point that there are many individuals in the Monterrey area who 
WII 1 be quite interegted and able to help, ag well, and that a whole 
new group will begin to be Invlved with us. 
REV. Suzuki said that the build Ing In the mountaine Is for the 
future, not yet for everyday use. 
Spiritually it Is neces sry. He 
found that in the eagt they . ant to have Zen Center like us 
And there 
there will be no deeper meaning, no larger scale. Just localized 
centers with no possibility of getting together. Some place is nece— 
gary to sit with people without idea of San franclsco or Monterrey 
or Northhampton Zen Center. 
WE could, Pat said, with this idea in mind, broaden the scope 
Of looking for funds. Rev. Suzuki agreed. We should not be narrow 
minded. No one In the northeast will be very interested in gupp0É1ng 
Zen Center, but they will help with th land in the mountains. They 
will feel it Ig their* , too.


Machine generated alternative text:
yasutanl, Roshl, will be coming to thig area, but it hag not 
been decided exactly when or where. Maizuml—gan will translate 
Rev/ Suzuki asked that anyone ha some Idea for a sitting place 
for twenty—five people, please euggegt It as a place for Yagutan 
e esshin.





66-06-18 - Nothing special to report on this meeting but I love reading them - the names, the details, foreshadowing of incompatibility between the two groups, the misspellings.

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Mike said that Silas (the treasurer) will be baäk this month. 
In May there was gain of #1158/,• 
save the treasurer t g report. 
due to an anonymous gift of #1000. A note enclosed with the gift 
stated that the donor hoped that it would be used tøurds the purchase 
of the land in the Los Padres National Forest.


Machine generated alternative text:
Old Businessz 
The ad in the yellow pages w) g arranged by to be one and one half 
Inches, giving both the names zen center and SOkoj1 In capital letters, 
statin that we had daily meditation and weekly lectures, listing Rev. 
Suzuki g natne and the addregg and phone number. Zen Center will 'oe listed 
ag well 
in the hi te pages in large black type'


Machine generated alternative text:
Claud will donatehig tape recordert,o Zen Center, but he feels will 
still need a smaller Ilghter one for the work of transcribing, because 
his Is so heavy to pass back and forth between those who are worki ng 
on the transcriptions. Betty offers her Soni for #50, and we will mmake 
gorr.e decision after Claud Looks at it and makes some judgement.


Machine generated alternative text:
We decided against making reservations for people for gesghj_n---one 
Individual sent a check for that purpose. 
Instead, we will clear out 
the other side of the •balcony. we can sit In tv' levels, as well, on 
the g ide of the balcony which we already use. Mike suggested we begin 
clearing out the other s Ide during Saturday morntng zaz-en. Claud 
if there was a pogeiblity of using another temple or church, but Mike 
felt there would be quite an advantage to holding it here. Betty san 
this temple Is saturated with geszhlns of the past. 
It Ig possible to have everyone In the z endo for the service if 
Reverend Suzuki reel teg the sutra on the platform. AB to the problem 
of serving meals, Tpny—y sugge sted that we needn't eat so elaborately. 
Rev. Suzuki said perhaps just one bowl of food, and tea, and Betty 
added that we could pass fruit or cookies. 
we will need to buy more 
bowls and cups , but we can afford that mach better than trays . 
and Betty will discugs the new arrrangements.


Machine generated alternative text:
Rev. Suzuki wants to Invite Bishop St-unl for a few dayg Of the segshin. 
There Is a Soto Zen meeting In Los Angeles on the 20th and 21st which 
REV. Suzuki and Rev. Kataglrl WI 11 be attending, go we must cut one day 
off the sesghln. There will be announce •Gent, In the Wind Bell. 
Claud asked about a couple of' I Inee In the KEFA Bulletin. Betty Will 
take care of it. 
Since It will be a shorter week, we may sit later. Rev. Suzuki suggested 
one iazen and lecture after an even Ing meal. 
Some people may come just 
for lecture, 30 it may be beet to have it at eight.


Machine generated alternative text:
The benefit movie for Sokoji is not so bad after all 
There wag some diseugsion of the possibllit-• of 
Rev. Suzuki . 
Center g ome day having a benefit movie, but it was decided thig wag 
not the day to discuss much about lt.





66-08-13 - Amelia Newell's name comes up - interesting. See page for this on 60s Communes. Hmm - Suzuki's in Japan and this "Tasugami" might be Tatsugami who came to Tassajara as a guest teacher in 1969 for three practice periods. Interesting (to me) talk about taping lectures.  This is about the time I showed up at ZC.


Machine generated alternative text:
Land: The 12nd by the waterfall is not available, 'out Bob Beck will 
sell tho horse pasture section for less than a thousand dollars nn acro. 
Amalia New-Il offered some land to beatniks, but has encoumtered legal 
trouble from the Big Sur Land Association. Allen Guingberg suggested 
she give it to us. She •has nsldered It, but has bean con— 
vinced Lately that the whole Monterrey coast is a monastery, and so we 
don't need one. 
Sometime In geptember we will have to make a decision about buying the 
Isnd near Tussahara.


Machine generated alternative text:
Concernlng the trustee meeting held an hour earlier the same day: 
We are Increasing the priets salar#es to $150, andour Sokoji contribution 
to and they Will pay the telephone $25 will be given to Bill 
*150 will be given to Reverend Suzuki 
to give to Okusan to buy dishes. 
to use for glftg Cor Tasugami, Ros hi, andRevarnd Suzuki t s own son. 
will borrcr,r cushions fcrm Berkeley and 
'Ithe zafu have not arrived. 
Los Altos Zendo'g f cm sasshin. 
Reverend SuzuA--'i will go and seee the dru-ra when he is in Japan. Someone 
asked who buy Ing Reverend Suzuki's ticket, and Dick asked Reverend 
The gngwer: Revernd Suzuki h ms elf.


Machine generated alternative text:
Tapes: the taping of lectures hasn't bean Dick 
felt that perhapg wa didn't need to tape the lectures to save, but rather 
simply exoerfanca them at the t Ime. Trudy expressed her feeling that 
the desire to reco rd them stems from wanting to share them with others. 
Fat Herresizcff has been regularly transcribing the Sunday lectures when 
Bob Gore now will be In 
availablo, but Tie need someone to tnpp them. 
charge. Norm volunteered to helo Bob, as did Loren and Silas. mring 
however 2 we will use D&åk'g machine, and he w 111 do the taping.


Machine generated alternative text:
Yamada, Roshlls Instructions for sitting have been printed for ma 141 Ing 
to those who write to Zen Center for Instruc t10ng concerning zazen.


Machine generated alternative text:
Spaclflc thanks were given to Revernd Suzuki and Revernd Katagil'i the 
c see shin.





66-09-14 - They're just talking about buying land near Tassajara. We forget that until the last minute, the fundraising was for money to buy the Horse Pasture, 160 acres near Tassajara that had no road leading into it, no structures, had little flat land, no sizable creek. After we'd raised the money for the 20k down payment (as I recall) Bob Beck said he and his wife Anna were prepared to sell Tassajara itself. Richard Baker let the board know, they approved immediately, and all of a sudden we had Tassajara and 280k more to come up with, a large payment due in March.


Machine generated alternative text:
Of the minutes of Center Tru8tee Y•eetång 
sepeember 14, 1960 
zen ameer, Bugh str: 
m Franc1BgO, California 
Richard Dixon. Blii BOB 
ZOBdiey, Zean Ross. Jahangona 
The netting waz to order at 
purpose the 
the preaident, Richard 
whether ghouiå 
go Ahead with the plane to the near 
that the Of not a problem. as he 
the past two soareez. 
n digeuea±on the Of up land truøtøøg 
future, w•leh terms who 
the managoment of land. We evoek 
Suzuki, .Roghi when he returna he and 
youu proper to bø the board 
am bø suppeyted by EndlV1duaiB who 
00mø for the trå1n1ng aux•ln$ the 
The pro-biom of ralging tha actually be able to the 
digOOueeed, with the tint at take 
tore to Äke the a 
r edlty. Various ways Of donora were Buggeated 
made e that we g Riehard Dakar onr approval to 
owner, Bob Book, the best legal 
Vlth the lawyere, and 
poeslble us to tr•n buy the lam. voted to g've 
håm the anthortty to an to


Machine generated alternative text:
pege meeting, Septenber 14, 
Tho notion pugged unnanimoualy. conelderlng that the absent 
Batty Fad before the meeting to give 
nyegn vote to guck propoeal. that the 
game the of •alfe, even wåthmxt thig 
unnanlmtty or g quorum or wag pø*ocn, 
and the motion. 
The meeting wag gd'aurned by the pregidont 11'15. 
Johanaen. aecreBar7





66-09-17 - About buying the Horse Pasture near Tassajara. Thoughts of asking Red Skelton for a donation. Morley Baer who does photo workshops at Tassajara has offered photos for fundraising brochure. Art sale (mislabled exibition) might be at Cody's (misspelled like many words) in Berkeley. Chet Helms has offered the Avalon Ballroom. Alan Watts letter on what to call Suzuki and a vote on the matter. Wonder where that letter went.


Machine generated alternative text:
remd the treaeurerts report. Seashån cost $100 for food, ary* we 
received more In contributfons $200 wag given towarde Revernd Suzuki's 
to Japan. lost $500 last month. (See traagnrer(s report)


Machine generated alternative text:
band* There ig water. g photo pngged ground which e hawed the 
owner, Bob standing basma mmna-ng uater. There are springs 
In the two cm yms. One canyon can provfd8 tv-Ice the emount that Taeaa— 
hara reaeR eg from another source. Dtek explained, using a 
on tha board, the pogalb±låty of damning the Tm-ter to fa•m lake In 
tho low 
Dlck met the Tiehel, the Beaks, ana surprldngly, 
the lav-yor wag amused and went ong with us , saying that if there la 
thåg meeting at the between the buyer and seller, weld JuBt try 
to rind legal 
WE may buy only a small $500 option, bacsuge apparently they don't 
mind, end there: 3 hardly a chance of them being 2b1e to sell it to 
anyone else tery If we canz't raise mch by February, 
ehanae Of reaching the price, go have to let the Option 
go. *0.000 might be used to p. rtion Of the and thn 
more Iata r. 
been writ Ing the ma. t Inglnatlve type of roquets I T. V. 
guide, for instance, came the idea to to Red Skelton, it reports 
hø 13 interested in Zen. 
We on Thethar we should go ahead and attempt to buy the 
aaoordlng to the propogal Dick and the lawyers. and It yqsged 
unnanlmou Y • 
Morley Bare who teacheg at Photo fiorkshcp 
studente there donate photos of the lend. 
We prånt a broohuro to send to possible donors, with good photoa 
copy written to present our plan Inthe best possible fashion. 
Artiat8 who are members or friends of Zen Center could he to 
donate a paintlng or pot to a benefit exhibition. As well aa pouf— 
my maklng money, would bring plan to the attention of more 
people. Wet d have an additional reason for contacting people. Coty's 
book store in *111 probably prvlde space Cor to have the 
show Ing. 
Norm volunteered te be cha Irnnn of A comnlttße to get—up 
the showing. Norm, FYRn, and N ke worn on It. 
Chet Helms will dorztø the Avalon Ballroom for an evening. The idea 
wag tabled, due to the Impress-ton It would have on the Japanese congre— 
gabion, as well as some eonaervAt1ve Interested possible donors. 
*need to cheek with Dl_ck about the nama


Machine generated alternative text:
Another posslbtllty Dick suggested that someone BE y extønd the 
money to ue, the full amount of the purch2se price, and then we pay them 
baelc ag we the 
George Collins and Ruth Lem.zrd are head of a conservation assooiatlon 
thet lands money to græpg who are going to preserve the land, provld 
the bQ•rcmorg have sane way of attempting to pay back the Inn eventual 
Stan suggested the possibility of n form g goundntlon, but Dier 
explained agin the tremeadcua task or sifting through Innumera ble 
mmdat;lonz, w1Ch hardly any cinnde of finding Ono •Who would give to a 
religious organizatim—partlcularly BuddNgt one. 
Dank try to oreate a giving the facts, which can be modified 
by members when they write t;o contacta each have personally. 
Jøqnnte C mbe11 help Mek type the mny letters he is personally 
uniting t3 pos8tb1e donore.


Machine generated alternative text:
Also, a letter Allan Watts was read. He obåeeted to the illøratnogs 
of ealllng cur master NReverendN and gave some detailed exph Inat±on 
of the and poøglblo alternattveg. Dick brought to vote 
the titlea of Suzuki, Roam Katagl»i-senaei. These names, It was 
voted, we Attempt to use from now on.



Wonder what happened to notes from subsequent meetings for the rest of 1966 and all of 1967 and all but one from 1968. - dc


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