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Photos of and with Betty Warren
Early sixties -
and Shunryu Suzuki in some too

Photos and memorabilia index            

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First sesshin February 21, 1960 overexposed Polaroid. L to R in back, Della Goertz, Kazemitsu Kato, Shunryu Suzuki, George Hagiwara (I think). In front on left - Betty Warren and third from right Jean Ross (I think).


Sokoji early sixties - L to R Betty in foreground, Shunryu Suzuki standing, Connie Lueck, Della Goertz. This photo may be staged because the women are sitting on the men's side. These aren't Betty's photos but were sent to me by Tanya Takacs from the SFZC.

Sokoji early sixties - From L to R, Connie Lueck, unknown, Della, Betty this time sitting on the left side, the women's side of the zendo.


Betty and Paul Alexander

Developed February, 1962



R to L - Shunryu Suzuki, Kazemitzu Kato, Mitsu Suzuki, Philip Whalen, Grahame Petchey. From lower left with backs to us - Betty Warren, Richard Baker, Pauline Petchey
Developed May, 1962

Betty Warren on lower left, Pauline Petchey lower right, Richard Baker above her, Connie Lueck against wall. Developed May, 1962


Saturday morning breakfast after zazen and service in Sokoji kitchen. L to R Grahame Petchey, two unknowns hidden behind Grahame, Shunryu Suzuki, Otohiro Suzuki, Betty Warren, Della Goertz.

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