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Photos of Betty Warren's from early sixties - most with Shunryu Suzuki

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Betty Warren

Betty and Della Goertz
Developed July, 1980

R to L - Betty, Della, and Ananda Claude Dalenberg
photo by Barbara Wenger

L to R - Betty, Laura Kwong, Jakusho Bill Kwong, Della

Developed April, 1997


Betty backpacking on a vision quest


Betty demonstrating against the invasion of Iraq with her friends at the Redwoods retirement home in Mill Valley - every Friday between four and five they've done this for years and she was there from the first till she got too weak a few months before she died. She never missed. At the memorial ceremony for her at the Redwoods, a woman who volunteers there said that Betty went even when the demonstration was canceled because of a storm.

Don't know who this is but this photo was with Betty's old ZC photos so I include it here in case someone recognizes who it is. I suspect it might be a misplaced photo of someone who went on a vision quest with her.

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