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Photos of Betty Warren's from early sixties - most with Shunryu Suzuki

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Four formal photos of Shunryu Suzuki.
Developed December, 1963

Paul Alexander
Shunryu Suzuki
and unknown woman.
In front of Sokoji on Bush Street.
Paul didn't dress up much. Maybe his mom. - DC
Developed March, 1962

Shunryu Suzuki and Jean Ross.

Jean, Betty, and Della Goertz met Suzuki and each other at a class taught by Kazemitsu Kato at the American Academy of Asian Studies soon after Suzuki's arrival. Developed May, 1962

Shunryu Suzuki and kids at Sokoji.

Developed December, 1963


In front of Sokoji L to R - Pauline Petchey, Grahame Petchey, Ernie (see below), Jean Ross, unknown, Richard Baker, Virginia Baker

Developed March, 1962

Connie Lueck - March 62
I never knew Connie. She died before my time as I understand it. - DC

Ernie? - Grahame Petchey thinks this is Ernie, a student from the early sixties who was a deaf mute. I await confirmation from others who were there back then. - DC

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