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Shunryu Suzuki Archiving
To Preserve and Deliver

Supporters, Contributors, Past letters of support for Shunryu Suzuki related Archiving

10-30-09 - Gathering past letters of support or at least links to them onto one page because I just sent a proposal you may hear about later which had a link on the bottom to this page so now I'd better create it. There are many more noble supporters of and Suzuki Roshi archiving and all and I'm deeply grateful to alll of you but this is just names I've used in proposals because they were prestigious professor types or something. - dc

Supporters - from the June 2008 Proposal to Establish the Shunryu Suzuki Legacy Project [approved by SFZC board 6-25-08]

Supportive Statements:

Thanks for the comprehensive report. You are spelling out the preservation of the heritage of the Zen Center and I salute you for your work and vision. – Lew Lancaster

To the Zen Center board members and officers: I would like to strongly encourage the San Francisco Zen Center to support David Chadwick in all that he does to keep alive so many memories of Suzuki Roshi and his teaching. I greatly appreciate what David has done and is doing as do others as will many more in the future, who will be able to know themselves better through studying this valuable vibrant history of Suzuki Roshi and his students. I am also grateful that David keeps in touch with so many people from the early days of the Zen Center. Please help David. He is doing the Zen Center's work. – Elsie Mitchell

Supporters and advisors of the SSLP:

Elsie Mitchell (founder Cambridge Buddhist Asso.), Huston Smith (UC Berkeley emeritus, Philosophy), Lew Lancaster (UC Berkeley emeritus, Asian Cultures and Languages, president, University of the West), John Nelson (University of San Francisco, Theology & Religious Studies), Steve Tipton (Emory University, Sociology), Taigen Dan Leighton (Loyola University Chicago, Religion), Richard Jaffe (Duke University, Religious Studies)

Consulting Archivists (see report online for more): Barkley Ogden (founder and head of the Conservation Lab, Bancroft Library, UCB) and Terry Delsing (audio archivist LA who’s restored over 1000 album masters for Warner Music Group) are the key audio experts consulted. Lew Lancaster is also widely considered the leading Buddhist digital archivist.

Letters of Support for the Cucumber Project (earlier oral history Shunryu Suzuki efforts)

Huston Smith

Regional Oral History Office, Bancroft Library, UCB.

Dr. Lewis Lancaster, East Asian Studies, UCB.

Graduate Theological Union.

Buddhist Studies Program, SF Zen Center.

Institute for Historical Study (fiscal sponsor).

from the May, 2008 Report on the Shunryu Suzuki Media Archive with a Focus on Lectures


Richard Baker Roshi, former abbot of the SFZC, abbot of Dharma Sangha Crestone Mt. ZC in Colorado and Johanneshof in Germany

Terry Delsing, recording engineer, editor, archivist with entertainment industry, LA

Charles Eckman, Associate Dir. for Collection Development, Bancroft Library, UCB

Timothy O’Conner Fraser – film and video advice

Diana Gerard, SFZC library

Gordon Geist, translator in Norway

Anil Gurnaney, creator of text version of SSL archive

Dr. Lewis Lancaster – Buddhist archivist superlative

Mark Lancaster, VP of SFZC

John Nelson, professor of Buddhism at USF

Barkley Ogden, founder and head of Conservation Lab, Bancroft Library, UCB

Yvonne Rand, Goat-in-the-Road

Bill Redican, former archivist, SFZC

Lewis Richmond, Vimala Sangha

Shinshu Roberts, former archivist, SFZC

Ricky Sanchez, recording engineer, LA

Peter Schneider, Beginner’s Mind Zen Center

Steve Tipton, professor of sociology and religion, Emory University

Michael Tsang, owner of Midi Music in Santa Rosa

Dana Velden, SFZC Corporate Secretary

Mark Watts, Electronic University

Mel Weitsman, Berkeley Zen Center

Michael Wenger, former head of studies and archives at SFZC

Roberto Zimmerman, Hi Speed Duplication and Recording Supply Co., SF

My apologies to anyone who’ve I’ve forgotten to mention.

2005 - Zen Alumbrella ------------

Advisors and Supporters

Letter from Steve Tipton, Emory University

Letter from Michael Goldberg, DT Suzuki Film Project


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